Atman AntiDDoS
Effective protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and DoS (Denial of Service) attacks
Protection against
volumetric attacks
administration panel
Very fast
response time
Client dedicated
  • The Atman AntiDDoS service monitors the traffic and uses a safety infrastructure installed on the link to protect our clients against volumetric attacks.
  • Stable and uninterrupted operation of the company
  • Protection against financial and reputation losses
  • Effective protection of key business processes
Advantages of the solution
  • Automatic operation and elimination of the human factor
  • Very fast response time (which is crucial in case of DDoS attacks) – threats are identified and neutralized in just a few seconds
  • Support from expert staff using best-in-class technology solutions
  • Flexibility in platform configuration
  • Access to a complex administration panel
  • Ability to extend actions conducted during attacks by configuring additional options using API and scripts, including:
    • Sending e-mails containing information on the attack and/or actions taken
    • Saving incident information in the syslog file
    • Auto-capturing attack samples for further analysis
    • Running external scripts
Infrastructure & operation model

The infrastructure consists of two protective devices: a Sensor and a Filter, which together with the installed monitoring software are dedicated exclusively for a particular client (they support only the client’s link). After the Sensor detects that the protection triggering thresholds were exceeded (the thresholds are defined in accordance to client’s needs), the entire traffic to the attacked host is redirected from the backbone router to the Filter. Already filtered traffic is delivered to the client using the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol.

Why you need protection against DDoS attacks

The nubmer and scale of attacks increase every year. Cybercriminal commonly use DDoS attacks to paralize systems and networks connected to the Internet.

Each company, for which business continuity or constant contact with customers are crucial, should apply solutions to secure itself against DDoS attacks and their results. Protection against DDoS attacks became equally important to protecting IT assets against hackers and malware.

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