Atman AntiDDoS
Effective protection against DDoS attacks
Protection against
DDoS attacks
Original DDoS attack protection that protects the operator's network infrastructure against volumetric attacks. The solution efficiency allows for effective neutralization of high intensity attacks.
24/7 very fast response time
redGuardian automatic operation
The most important features
Protection against
volumetric attacks
Ease of use
Short response
Easy to start
  • Traffic monitoring and protection against volumetric attacks
  • Stable and uninterrupted operation of the company
  • Protection against financial losses and image detriment
  • Efficient protection of key business processes
  • Automatic action and human factor elimination
  • Very fast response time (critical for DDoS attacks) – threat is detected and neutralized in a few seconds
  • Support of specialized staff, using the best technology in its class
  • View of statistics
  • Email notification
  • Fast implementation
What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) is a distributed denial of service. This is one of the many methods used to block online web sites or links.

DDoS attack types

Atman AntiDDoS 2.0 service protects against all the most common types of volumetric attacks, including: SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, NTP reflection, DNS reflection.

Volumetric attack. Involves mass-mailing of unsolicited data to the designated IP address. Volume of incoming data is so high that internet links are not able to accept them.

Application attack. Involves exhausting the IT resources of web applications, such as computing power or memory.

Infrastructure and operation model

The solution is based on hardware components and application. Hardware components include Sensor and Scrubber, which are installed in the Atman Data Center WAW-1 and Atman Data Center WAW-2.

Address pools are identified in the system which are to be observed. When the alarm threshold is exceeded, an anomaly is signaled.

The standard response to the anomaly is to run a filter, which means that the attacked host's traffic is redirected to the scrubbers to mitigate the DDoS attack. Filtered traffic is sent back to the client by its primary link.

Protection against attacks is off

atman e-line

Internet access service without protection against DDoS attacks

Protection is on

atman e-line

Internet access service with protection against DDoS attacks on (without attack)

With protection during attack

atman e-line

Internet access service with protection against DDoS attacks on (during attack)

Why is protection against DDoS attacks needed?

The number and the scale of attacks are increasing from year to year. DDoS attacks are commonly used by cyber criminals to paralyze systems and networks connected to the Internet.

Each firm for which it is critical to maintain business continuity or always stays in touch with customers should implement solutions that protect against DDoS attacks and their consequences. Protection against DDoS attacks has become as important as protection of IT resources against hackers and computer viruses.

Does a DDoS attack need to be large to cause damage?

Even a minor attack, if properly prepared, individually adjusted, can cause damage.

Can any business be the victim of a DDoS attack?

Vast majority of attacks are carried out botnets that do not analyze the enterprise's data or the potential benefits of blocking the site, so absolutely any business may be the victim of hackers.

Should a DDoS attack be waited out?

It is never possible to predict when an attack will take place, or when it will end. And the longer it lasts, the greater the loss of the attacked company.

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