Backup Office

Backup Office
Busines continuity supported by the best connectivity and latest technologies
Shared or dedicated working positions
Convenient location in Warsaw, dedicated building
A guaranteed short waiting time for working positions to be made available
Partnership with Microsoft Cloud OS Network program
Usage of virtual desktops
Ability to carry out periodic tests

What is Backup Office?

Our Backup Office at Warsaw is a separate and suitably equipped backup office space, maintained in a state of readiness and made available to the customer in case of a crisis situation, when it is not possible to use places of work at the customer’s main location (e.g. due to lack of access to the building, power outage, etc.).

How in reality can a necessity to use a backup office look like in case of a crisis situation? View a trial evacuation of aditorial office:

Minimal costs of a backup office start-up
  • No investment expenditure
  • Equipped, dedicated infrastructure
Convenient and safe location in Warsaw
  • Building dedicated to the Backup Office services
  • Convenient placement
  • Quickly and easily accessible
  • Close to a data center
  • Nearby dining facilities and utilities
Complete security
  • Several years’ experience in providing the service
  • 24-hour physical monitoring
  • Access control and registration system
  • Reliable telecommunications
  • Guaranteed availability of essential power supply
Various service variants
  • Shared working positions
  • Dedicated working positions
  • Dedicated office space
High availability
  • A guaranteed short waiting time for working positions to be made available
  • 24-hour access to the backup office
  • Ability to carry out periodic tests to check emergency procedures and for staff training
Rich equipment
  • Air-conditioned office space
  • Desks with non-swivel chairs
  • PC computers
  • Microsoft virtual desktops
  • Telephones with direct and extension numbers
  • Access to printers, photocopiers and fax machines
  • Access to social rooms (toilets and kitchens)
  • Dedicated reception service
  • Flexible adaptation of rooms to meet the customer’s requirements in case of the dedicated working positions variant
  • Parking places
Modern data access solutions

Access to company data takes place via dedicated Microsoft Windows virtual desktops. Atman is one of the few firms to have joined the Microsoft Cloud OS Network partnership program, and thus finds itself among a worldwide group of select service providers.

  • Modern technology supported by quality and experience – collaboration with a Microsoft technology partner
  • An even higher level of security
  • Exceptional flexibility (automated access to data, ability to deploy any technological requirement of the customer on the virtual desktop, fast updating of tools at many stations simultaneously)
  • High performance of IT infrastructure
  • Continuity of working by key groups of staff in spite of a crisis
  • Contact with customers even in a crisis situation
  • The image of a firm that is prepared for all eventualities, and hence is stable and reliable
  • Minimizing financial and reputational losses
The Backup Office service is addressed to all firms and institutions for which:
  • The implementation of emergency operating procedures is necessary due to legal requirements (np. banks, insurance companies)
  • Continuity of operations is critical for business (e.g. online stores)
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