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Atman Cloud
Advanced cloud – server environment for every IT venture
  • Project and cost efficiency

    Execute your projects without any limitations resulting from the need to have equipment. Decrease capital expenditures, reduce infrastructure management costs.

  • Security and service 24/7

    The redundant nature of the cloud, triple data replication and anti-DDoS system ensure uninterrupted access to Atman servers, constantly monitored by our engineers.

  • Automation

    In addition to a convenient user panel, you also get access to the API and so you can automate the administrative activities of your infrastructure.

  • Freedom of choice

    Regardless of whether you use collection in Atman data centers, or dedicated servers or Atman Cloud, each element of the infrastructure may be combined efficiently with the help of our engineers.

  • The fastest 100 Gbps network

    Use the unique stack of Atman’s network solutions, e.g. own fiber-optic network, inter-service links, Atman Firewall services, security groups.

  • Experience

    Since 2011 Atman has been the leader in the Polish data center market, and our competences result from a strong engineering background and many years of cooperation with over 2,000 clients.

Why Atman Cloud

Atman is a truly focused and data center oriented partner; a significant part of its revenues comes from services consisting in providing server and server-related infrastructure.

We provide 24/7 service performed by specialists. Their priority is the shortest possible response time to the customer's notification, as well as the coordination of internal and external communication, so as to ensure the greatest smoothness and unambiguity.

Advantages of Atman Cloud

Possibility to independently create any number of internal networks (L2).


Resistance to a single point of failure – thanks to redundant components of the platform.


High scalability – a scattered linear scaled construction. Atman is ready for any growth of your business, as well as fluctuations in the demand for resources or the requirement of a flexible response to the seasonality of your business.

High Availability

All computing and storage nodes have a high availability configuration. As a result, Atman Cloud is resistant to a single point of failure and very high availability – 99.97%, additionally guaranteed under an SLA.

Easy of management

Possibility to easily manage your infrastructure – from anywhere worldwide where there is access to the Internet.

Live & online

Operation through the API or panel brings immediate effect – administrative changes are made independently in live & online mode.

Your benefits
Freedom of project and business activities

You eliminate all the limitations and nuisances associated with possession of physical equipment.

Better time-to-market

Processes associated with IT infrastructure run much faster than with the traditional hardware mode of operation, and you can focus on the areas that are crucial for your business. New IT resources are created on demand in real-time mode. Changes, upgrades, updates and other activities necessary to use the IT infrastructure take only a minor fraction of your time.

Reduction of the total infrastructure management costs

A possibility to temporarily set up resources, the lack of capex and purchase of equipment for stock, no problems related to the provision of space, adequate physical conditions and power. Thanks to our wide portfolio of server and network services, resources and experienced engineering background, you have the opportunity to select your infrastructure optimally – not only functionally, but also in terms of costs.

Clear and simple rules

You pay fixed and predictable fees, and you operate under the SLA terms which are strict for Atman.

Efficient and uninterrupted communication with the world

1 Gb/s Internet for your environment.

Ease of management

In addition to a convenient online user panel, you also get access to the API, thanks to which you will move the management of your infrastructure to the next level. You will automate administrative operations – you can execute operations faster and more efficiently through scripts or direct command invocation. You also have access to many additional features not available from the web panel (e.g. export and import of machines from and to the cloud). You make changes in the environment in real-time mode.

Atman Cloud screen1 management
Atman Cloud screen2 management
Atman Cloud screen3 management
Atman Cloud screen1 API
Atman Cloud screen2 API
Atman Cloud screen3 API
Atman Cloud screen1 features
Atman Cloud screen2 features

Features of Atman Cloud



100 Gbps

Cloud network

1 Gbps

Unlimited Internet


Service and technical
  • Unlimited 1 Gbps bandwidth You do not measure traffic, you do not worry about unexpected expenses. Your servers can use it without bothering limits.
  • 100 Gbps Atman Cloud operates the highest production Ethernet standard on the market.
  • Anti-DDoS Access to your virtual server infrastructure is automatically secured with anti-DDos protection. In the event of an attack, any unsolicited load will be mitigated.
  • Availability Zones You have a possibility to assign virtual machines to different groups of nodes of a computing cluster, thus increasing the reliability of your infrastructure.
  • Features that increase usability
    • Router – on the edge of your server infrastructure
    • Load balancer
    • VPN IPsec
    • Firewall – filtering IP traffic
    • Security groups – traffic safety policies at the level of individual virtual machines
  • Operational security: Thanks to the high availability of the service resulting from the redundant character of the cloud platform (all elements are multiplied), as well as the high-class Atman data center where the cloud is located, you can rely on uninterrupted access to your servers.
  • Data security: The object storage used in Atman Cloud uses triple data replication. Your data is protected against loss.
  • Legal safety: Atman Cloud is a Polish cloud – the entire platform is located in one of the facilities of Warsaw data center. Moreover, if you are a personal data administrator, you will sign an agreement with Atman to entrust the processing of personal data and ensure that you act in accordance with Polish law.

Files to download

Atman Cloud Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide of the Atman Cloud

This document describes the basic operations that can be performed in the Horizon panel for managing a virtual server environment of the Atman Cloud.

Atman Cloud User Guide

User Guide of the Atman Cloud

This document is an extension of the "Quick Start Guide" and provides a thorough description of the functionalities available to the user of the Atman Cloud.

Free and wide selection

Atman Cloud is one of many services providing solid foundations for your ventures and IT projects. In addition to the possibility of organizing IT infrastructure in the Atman Cloud, you also have at your disposal:

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