Dedicated servers – the product characteristics

Dedicated servers – the product characteristics
IaaS – innovative model of acquiring infrastructure

At Atman we know the importance of stable and comfortable work based on new technologies and solutions, which in turn require a suitable environment and computing power. With this in mind, we offer tried and tested IaaS solutions, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility in the choice of the main components.

What Is IaaS?

IaaS, i.e. Infrastructure as a Service, is a new, innovative model of acquiring infrastructure consisting in leasing hardware instead of purchasing it. The supplier covers all purchase, servicing and maintenance costs, as well as the costs of old equipment disposal. This service is settled on a monthly basis and its parameters can be modified depending on the needs in a given period of time.

Our comprehensive hardware rental offer
Dedicated servers
Select required solution out of a dozen or so configurations available off-the-shelf or order an individual server: nearly 250 various types of subcomponents available
Network devices
Switches from 1 GbE to 100 GbE
A-brand solutions from Fortinet and Cisco
Disk arrays
NetApp solutions with various disk configurations
Advantages of server lease vs. traditional purchase

When you buy our servers, you obtain:

  • Financing of hardware purchases is the responsibility of the data center operator
  • Leasing settlement in operating expenses
  • Hardware available off-the-shelf
  • Hardware reconfiguration available at any time
  • Repair or replacement of hardware even within 4 hours throughout the term of the agreement
  • Available on-site support and service provided by highly qualified employees
If you do it single-handedly
  • Need to obtain the financing
  • Need to budget the procurement well in advance
  • Long waiting period for hardware delivery
  • Lack of flexibility with change of hardware configuration
  • Limited service requiring additional agreements or provided over limited time only
  • Need to keep specialized employees and provide transport to a data center
Good, stable and protected – it’s best with Atman

The most important benefits provided by Atman’s dedicated servers include:

  • A modern data center, situated on the Atman campus in Warsaw
  • A unique SLA – from 24 hours as standard to just 4 hours under the premium option for customers with high requirements
  • Our own warehouse for servers and parts – we are always ready to replace server components immediately or to deliver more servers to our customers
  • Our own network infrastructure – with redundant connections to more than 1000 operators and networks, with direct access to inter-operator nodes and exchange points
  • Professional business and technical support, provided to our customers by qualified and experienced staff on a 24/7 basis
  • Anti-DDoS protection – all our servers have the basic protection against DDoS attacks included in the price. It includes both the appropriate network infrastructure – redundant, high-bandwidth connections – as well as systems responsible for recognizing and neutralizing attacks, i.e. filtering or cutting out unwanted traffic.
    The system operates on the basis of hardware components: Sensor and Scrubber, which are installed in Atman Data Centers WAW-1 & WAW-2, and the redGuardian software. The solution is intended to protect the network infrastructure against all the most common types of volumetric attacks, including SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, NTP reflection. It is constantly being expanded and developed with ever newer sets of filters and rules.
    As part of the basic protection of each server, scrubbing is active from 1.1 Gbps / 120 kpps, and blackholing from 1.5 Gbps / 1 Mpps. Clients who expect higher protection parameters in terms of blackholing, may use a special offer:

    Increased thresholds of blackholing - parameters and prices

Server hosting provides you with:
Any OS you want
How do we do it? – our technical infrastructure

Our dedicated servers, also known by the name Atman EcoSerwer, are autonomous units connected to a redundant network. The managing network (IPMI/KVM), the internal network and Internet access are all separated from each other, which increases the security of operation and management of our servers. Under our standard network architecture, we offer our customers Internet connections with capacities between 100 Mb/s and 10 Gb/s.

  • We assign IPv4 addresses to each server (one IPv4 address included in the server price). We divide the address range into basic addresses assigned directly to the server, and additional addresses that can be managed independently and transferred between servers.
  • In 2012 the backbone infrastructure of Atman’s network was modernized and adapted to support IPv6, one of the first networks in Poland to do so. At customers’ request we also assign IPv6 addresses to our dedicated servers.

To find out more about our infrastructure, take a look at our data center.

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