HR policy

HR policy
The role of HR in the organization

The HR Department plays an advisory role in building the corporation’s strategy and in its development. It supports managers at all levels and all employees in creating a working environment and tools that will enable them to achieve their goals and take satisfaction from their work. It takes action to ensure that all posts are filled by highly qualified staff and to allow employees to develop within the organization.

Our HR Department:
  • Supports the organization by providing effective HR tools and appropriate policies
  • Identifies, promotes and implements the best HR practices throughout the organization
  • Creates changes that are advantageous to the organization and helps to implement them
  • Provides effective and accurate communication with all employees
  • Provides the assistance, guidelines and tools needed to recruit, retain and develop suitably qualified staff
  • Takes responsibility for staff training and development
  • Develops and applies state-of-the-art tools in motivational systems
  • Systematically researches employees’ opinions through surveys and interviews
  • Promotes the corporate values
  • Builds an “employer’s brand” within the organization and outside
  • Ensures a friendly workplace and a good atmosphere
Corporate values
We act in accordance with the following values:
  1. Cooperation (mutual assistance, friendliness, trust, integration, good relations)
    • We act as a team, always willing to help each other and share knowledge. We attach importance to good relations and a good atmosphere, and we trust one another.
  2. The Customer (taking care of customers and the organization’s image, flexibility, customer satisfaction)
    • Customers are the most important. We strive to ensure their satisfaction and to meet all of their requirements. We are open to their needs, and we are flexible in designing solutions.
  3. Openness (kindness, respect, loyalty, honesty)
    • We are open to others and to new ideas and changes. We treat our customers and colleagues in a respectful and friendly manner. We aim to ensure good long-term relations. We always act honestly.
  4. Innovation (development of the organization and individuals, improvement of qualifications, creativity)
    • We are leaders, and we take a modern approach. We work creatively on delivering the solutions that the market expects. We are eager to improve our skills and abilities, and we use the knowledge we acquire to develop our business.
  5. Professionalism (knowledge and skills, quality, reliability and timeliness of services, responsibility, conscientiousness and commitment)
    • We are a team of professionals who use their knowledge and experience to provide services to the highest standards. We work with commitment, conscientiously and responsibly. We keep promises. We attach importance to quality, reliability, timeliness, security and continuity of service.
  6. Goal-Orientation (understanding goals, working toward goals, determination, constancy, effectiveness in action, enterprise)
    • We are aware of our corporate goals and work together to achieve them, giving them priority over the goals of individuals or teams. We believe in success, and act with determination to achieve it. We attach importance to constancy and seeing matters through to a successful conclusion. We use resources effectively to achieve the desired results. We pay attention to our organization’s results and strive to increase its value. Every team and every employee work to optimize costs and to increase revenue and margins.
The following are the key elements of our HR policy:
  • Awareness that the corporation is made up of people and that it is worth ensuring their development and job satisfaction, as this contributes to the success of the organization
  • Competitive and fair remuneration, fair contracts, a social package
  • Application of the corporate values: Cooperation, The Customer, Openness, Innovation, Professionalism, Goal-Orientation
  • Training, development and career paths within the organization
  • Equal opportunities
With us you can expect:
  • a fair recruitment process with equality for all
  • systematic induction for new employees, with assignment of a mentor
  • training and assignment of ambitious tasks, opportunities to learn from experienced colleagues
  • open communication with managers, regular evaluations and focus on your development
  • career paths and open opportunities for promotion within the organization
  • a wide-ranging social package
  • a friendly workplace and good atmosphere
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