1 Tbps in Thinx IX – the 2nd half of 2022 overview

Product news

Atman’s Internet exchange point Thinx IX has permanently joined in the “1 Tb Club” – the daily total usage of the Thinx backbone regularly exceeds 1 Tbps and shows a steady upward trend.

This is the result of our effectiveness in acquiring online content from different sectors (gaming, streaming, hosting, portals, enterprise). But for the success of our IX it is certainly important that its access nodes are available at 24 locations in 14 Polish cities, including 4DC Katowice and Beyond Poznan.

Importantly, during the significant sporting peaks observed in December, the traffic at Thinx was running smoothly, reaching all the operators concerned (mobile, domestic, regional). This proves the high performance of the Thinx IX backbone and its readiness to accept more content providers.

Thinx’s members include: TikTok, GOG Poland (CD Projekt), Canal+, Netflix, Meta (e.g. Facebook), Google (e.g. YouTube), Edgecast (Edgio), PolsatBoxGo, player.pl (TVN), Twitch, TVP, Akamai, Allegro, Cloudflare, CDN77, dhosting.pl, LH.pl, nazwa.pl, OVHcloud, Netia, Vectra, Redge Media, Plus, Play, T-Mobile, TOYA, Wirtualna Polska, K2 Internet, Riot Games, Orange Polska and many others.

TikTok finally in Poland

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Thinx IX was joined by TikTok – a long-awaited global streaming provider famous for its short videos. In terms of the number of active users, TikTok quickly chases Facebook, and its popularity is constantly growing.

As the statistics show, sometimes the new provider generates more traffic than other streaming content providers, already sitting in our exchange point. The main recipients of TikTok’s content are large mobile networks, and an additional 200 Gbps of traffic was quickly propagated among the remaining hundred and dozens of Thinx members. Due to the specificity of materials that TikTok users publish on the platform, we assume that the traffic will increase during the Christmas and New Year period.

TikTok content is available at any of the 24 Polish Thinx IX nodes at no extra charge.

Earlier in 2022, we also acquired Disney+, Steam, Gigalink and Microsoft.

Peering with Microsoft free of charge

We’d like to remind you that in the second half of the year we launched more 100 Gbps ports to Microsoft’s global resources. Thinx IX members can access them at no extra cost – just need to click through the MS procedure (no configuration changes required).

Such a direct access to almost universal services of Teams, Skype, Microsoft 365, as well as classic XboX resources or Windows and Office updates guarantees their availability. It also provides measurable savings when settling online transit (zero additional fees for Atman or Microsoft).

Thinx IX members who want to exchange traffic with Microsoft should set up a private BGP session according to the Internet peering instruction (we offer assistance in going through the guide).

DE-CIX @ Atman

Also, in this half of the year, we established a formal partnership with DE-CIX, Europe’s largest Internet exchange. We are observing an unabated demand for global content available in this IX and not yet present in Poland, e.g. iCloud, FastLy, global ISPs, and others.

Atman offers access to the DE-CIX resources in 2 ways:

  • Directly – the customer becomes a full member of DE-CIX
  • Indirectly – in this much more affordable variant, the customer is “one hop” behind the Atman’s ASN.

Both variants find buyers both among Polish content creators who want to serve their services worldwide, as well as classic searchers of attractive global content.

We invite you to test our services: Peering Global (a bonus: the resources of Kiev’s Giganet Internet exchange point) and Transit Global (a bonus: the resources of  Tier 1 carriers: Arelion/Telia and Tata Communication).