100 percent uptime at Atman Data Centers for 10 years

Product news

In 2021, both the actual availability of power in the data centers and the average availability of Atman’s telecommunications services exceeded the SLAs. It’s another year when the stability and high quality of Atman’s services are confirmed.

Internet and data transmission over 99.98%

Internet access and data transmission services are covered by Atman’s 99.9% SLA guarantee (for redundant connections). In 2021, their actual availability was 99.987% and 99.984% respectively, which is well above the SLAs in both cases. Looking at the past five years, the actual availability of Internet access and data transmission services has averaged over 99.97%.

Internet access data includes all types of services, i.e. Internet connections for businesses and institutions delivered to the locations specified by them (Atman Business Internet and Atman Basic Internet), as well as Internet connections for the servers in colocation (Atman Colo Internet), Atman Dedicated Server and the Atman Cloud platform.

Server power supply: 100% × 10

With regard to the data center services, in particular the collocation of servers, we guarantee with the SLA the availability of the power supply at the level of 99.999%, the so-called five nines. In the last 10 years, however, the actual power availability in our data centers has been 100%.

Atman ensures the uninterrupted operation of the servers in the colocation as our data centers are prepared for emergencies. Electricity from the municipal grid is supplied in 2N redundancy, and the efficient emergency power system includes a large UPS system and 20 generators with the fuel for 48 hours (and SLA-guaranteed fuel supply).

Climate changes vs power outages

On 17 January this year, an event took place that confirmed the readiness of our data center infrastructure and the unwavering continuity of the service. An unusual storm at this time of year, combined with heavy snowfall and strong gusty winds, caused power outages in Warsaw and its surroundings – including the disctrict where the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 is located.

Despite a breakdown in the city network, our Colocation, Dedicated Server and Atman Cloud customers used their environments without interruption. The emergency power systems of our data center started work immediately, among other things the generators were put into operation. After about 10 minutes, the city’s power supply was restored.

Climate change is bringing us all bigger and bigger weather surprises. As a result, problems with the permanent availability of electricity grids are likely to be more frequent than in the past. Professional data centers, such as Atman’s, are equipped to provide their customers with power and business continuity in the event of such problems.