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The construction of the F6 facility, which began in April/May 2020, has proceeded as planned despite difficulties related to COVID-19. After the F6 launch, the net space of Atman DC Warsaw-1 is 6740 sq. m, and the total space of all Atman DCs is about 10 800 sq. m net.

Company news

ATM S.A. changes its name to Atman sp. z o.o. to make communication more consistent and be better identified with the Atman brand which it has been building for many years for its ICT services. The change of name was registered on September 9, 2021.

Company news, Product news

Recently, Atman has achieved the Gold level of the Intel® Partner Alliance program. The benefits obtained with it will be helpful in the continuous refinement of our services quality, customer service, and the Atman Dedicated Servers offer.

Google Cloud Partner logo
Company news, Product news

Atman’s point of contact with Google provides access to the Warsaw europe-central2 region of GCP and allows companies in Poland to set up direct links between their local IT systems and Google Cloud, reducing latency to almost none.

Product news

With the support of the new SCADA system, our DC operators monitor round the clock nearly 90,000 various sensors (ca. 22,000 more than last year), constantly taking care of not only the Atman Data Centers’ infrastructure, but also the customers’ SLA conditions.

Modification of colocation access rules due to pandemic
Company news

As of 21 June 2021, we are changing some of the operational regulations concerning customers using colocation.

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We successfully completed our first surveillance audit for EPI DCOS-4 certification, which we obtained in November 2019. The audit was conducted on March 22-24, 2021, using electronic communications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Product news

The option to share selected private cloud components with Atman public cloud resources allows our customers to reduce the cost of maintaining a dedicated IT environment.

Product news

We have implemented a new version of the Atman Anti-DDoS system. The current solution for protection against volumetric attacks is based on traffic flow analytical algorithms by Flowmon and a scrubbing center in Radware technology.