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Comfortable use, security and high accessibility of data – above all these features of cloud services convince companies to cloud computing. This is appreciated by suppliers. Atman, the leader of the Polish data center market, focused on a technological upgrade and completely restructured its cloud.

Atman will take care of the communication and data accessibility during the Grand Finale of WOSP

Also this year, Atman will be responsible for providing Internet links to the studio and quick access to the Foundation’s website during the Grand Finale

Atman inwestuje w bezpieczeństwo sieci
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Data center operator with new antiDDoS system

Aruba Cloud colocates in Atman Data Center WAW-2
New contracts

Atman builds a portfolio of service providers within its data center campus

Atman i Host Park promują rozwiązania data center na konferencji Lviv IT Arena

Between September 29 and October 1, 2017, Lviv will host the largest IT event in Ukraine, and perhaps even in Eastern Europe: IT Arena.


As the Strategic Partner of the Banker’s Club Sports Academy, Atman is involved in three sporting events organized this fall. The first one is the Sailing Championships for the Polish Bank Association Cup, which takes place at the end of the summer, September 15-17, in Stare Juchy at Ułówki Lake.

Sławomir Koszołko
Company news

Mr. Piotr Sieluk, who to-date acted in the capacity of the President of the Management Board, returns to the Supervisory Board of the company.

Piotr Sieluk
Company news

The Supervisory Board of ATM S.A. appointed Mr. Piotr Sieluk to the position of President of the Management Board of the Company.

redguardian logo
Company news

Atman is deploying the redGuardian system – Atende Software’s original solution to protect Atman’s network infrastructure against DDoS attacks even of high intensity.