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Atman’s partnership with IBM concerns arrays, highly appreciated by companies that use Dedicated Server services. Joining IBM Partner Plus gives Atman the opportunity to work with IBM specialists to create solutions that meet 100% of customer expectations.

Product news

Based on the experience of building its own DWDM backbone network, Atman offers its customers DWDM services in both Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet standards. Atman DWDM is a novelty in the portfolio of transmission services, introduced to ensure efficient data exchange between data centers in and around Warsaw.

Product news

The vCloud Availability module provided by Atman simplifies and accelerates the process of migrating VMware environments to the Atman VMware Cloud platform. With vCloud Availability, Atman VMware Cloud customers can also easily build disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

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The Atman network has a direct connection to the GlobalNet/DATAIX Internet exchange point abroad. Thus, Atman is expanding the Internet resources available to its transit service customers with resources from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Scandinavia, among others.

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Product news

As part of the development of Atman cloud services, we have introduced a network tool called load balancer, for distributing tasks among multiple virtual machines according to an algorithm chosen by the customer. The new service significantly increases the availability of a customer’s web applications or websites

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Atman enters into a partnership with Lenovo and receives, as the first one in Poland, the status of a Cloud Service Provider with rights to run an authorized Lenovo server service. With the hardware vendor portfolio expansion, Atman Dedicated Servers customers gain a wider choice of high-performance configurations equipped with 3rd generation processors from the world’s leading manufacturers: AMD and Intel.

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Meet Atman VMware Cloud – our new cloud platform based on VMware, the world leading virtualization technology. Enjoy high availability of services and hundreds of free and easy to install open source application packages from the VMware Marketplace and the Bitnami library.

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The guarantees of origin from RES that Atman purchased cover 100% of the electricity consumed by Atman Data Centers, including the equipment of colocation customers, the farm of 3000 dedicated servers, as well as Atman Cloud, Backup and Object Storage platforms.

Product news

Atman’s Internet exchange point Thinx IX has permanently joined in the “1 Tb Club” – the daily total usage of the Thinx backbone regularly exceeds 1 Tbps and shows a steady upward trend. Also, we acquired TikTok, Disney+, Steam, Gigalink and Microsoft, among others.