ATM Innovation Center Project

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The project‘s basic data

Investment‘s name: ATM Innovation Center (Centrum Innowacji ATM)

Beneficiary‘s name: ATM S.A.

Total budget: PLN 112,537,000

Public financing: PLN 25,332,078.70,

    • Including the EU contribution: PLN 21,532,266.89

Implementation period: 8.09.2008-21.09.2015

Project No.: POIG.04.05.02-00-008/08-00



ATM S.A., Grochowska 21a, 04-186 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: 2+48 2 51 56 100


Subject matter of the investment

The subject matter of the investment includes constructing from scratch the ATM Innovation Center (hereinafter: ATM IC), a facility for development and deployment of services based on state-of-the-art ICT technologies, as well as expansion of the currently used ATMAN-Grochowska Communications Center.

The core business of the ATM Innovation Center will be the delivery of services in the areas of outsourcing, technological support, and assistance in the process of commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies. ATM IC will be focused on two main objectives:

  • Establishing a convenient infrastructure and providing better implementation potential for the existing and new services developed by the R&D departments of established ICT companies
  • Creating conditions for acquiring and supporting commercialization of new ideas developed by independent entities through providing a globally unique center which will offer comprehensive, highest-level support to companies developing modern services based on state-of-the-art ICT, enabling them to leave their technical problems behind and focus on their core business

Business assumptions

The ATM IC project is one of the pillars of the Company’s organic growth in its core business area, i.e. telecommunications services and data centers, which is characterized by a fast growth rate and low sensibility to the economic recession. The Project assumes establishing a stable revenue source based on services provided from modern server rooms, including colocation (renting space for servers) and hosting (renting the servers). All those services are based on technical infrastructure which guarantees high security level and absolute reliability. Furthermore, such services (if provided in a professional manner with good quality) are characterized by a high likeness of contract renewal. We expect that in result of a successful completion of the Project, the Company will increase its revenues from such services by a factor of five and its profit from that source by more than PLN 50 million per annum (compared to the present level). Operating a modern data center involves much more than renting out space or computing power. Due to the diversified needs of the customers, we envisage offering multiple variants of ICT services with various user profiles and various prices. The services will be developed and provided in the Innovation Center, in cooperation with our partners, and will be based on the state-of-the-art IT and communications technologies.

The Project implementation

ATM S.A. is continuing its investments under the ATM Innovation Center project. On 3 December 2013 the Company signed a contract for the construction and fitting out of a new office building.

The seven-storey building, with total floor space of more than 4,300 sq m, as well as underground and above-ground garages, has been built on Poland’s largest telecommunications campus located in the Grochów area of Warsaw, close to the city’s key transport routes, with convenient access to both of Warsaw’s airports. The building’s attractive architectural design and good light access mean that the interior space can be arranged as either separate rooms or open office space.

Thanks to its location next to the data center and its connection to the ATMAN fiber-optic network, the building enjoy the highest level of energy security and reliable broadband connectivity to many telecommunications operators. Like in the data centers themselves, controlled access zones are designated in the office building as well.

The proximity of ATMAN Data Center and the exceptional technical and telecommunications infrastructure mean that the new building is an especially attractive location for organizations whose business is based on modern information technology, such as IT service centers, cloud computing providers, IT departments and development centers of large firms, and high-tech start-ups. The office space and technical resources are also used to create disaster recovery centers to implement the business continuity procedures (BCPs) of large organizations.

The office building is part of the ATM Innovation Center project, supported by public funding under Measure 4.5 of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007–2013. The building was put into ser

The Project promotion

Current reports:

  • Signing of an annex to a significant agreement  — current report no. 14/2014 dated 3.06.2014
  • Expiration of the decision concerning Lodz Special Economic Zone — current report no. 11/2013 dated 7.03.2013
  • Signing an annex to the significant agreement — current report no. 61/2012 dated 14.12.2012
  • Conclusion of a significant contract — current report no. 25/2010 dated 15.11.2010
  • A significant agreement — current report no. 32/2009 dated 18.12.2009
  • Subsidy grant — current report no. 52/2008 dated 12.12.2008
  • Expanding the Łódź Special Economic Zone — current report no. 69/2007 dated 14.11.2007

Press releases:

  • ATM returns record results for 2013 dated 20.03.2014
  • ATM S.A. begins construction of an office building under the ATM Innovation Centre project  dated 18.12.2013
  • Very good results of ATM S.A. in 2010: revenues of PLN 402M, net profit of 21M dated 25.02.2011
  • Łódź Special Economic Zone (ŁSSE) among the best investment location in the world dated 30.06.2010
  • ATM S.A. signs a PLN 72.32 M agreement with the Ministry of Economy on public aid for the ATM Innovation Center dated 18.12.2009
  • Leading edge IT technologies for Praga high schools dated 14.10.2008
  • 2Q 2008 results dated 12.08.2008
  • Q1 2008 results dated 13.05.2008
  • Special Economic Zone in Warsaw — mini-Silicon Valley around ATM dated 14.11.2007

Other publications concerning the project:

  • ATM S.A. — company information. Investments — an excerpt from the presentation of ATM S.A. capital group 2011 
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  • The opening and presentation of the F3 building as part of ATM Innovation Center on February 9, 2012
  • Presentation of the F3 building as part of ATM Innovation Center during CeBIT fairs, March 6-10, 2012
  • Presentation of the F3 building as part of ATM Innovation Center during the seminar: “State-of-the-art data centers — solutions, standards, cost optimization” on September 13, 2012
  • Presentation of the F3 building as part of ATM Innovation Center during the meeting with a foreign contractor on October 15, 2012.