Atman becomes official partner of Lenovo. Dedicated servers with Intel Ice Lake and AMD EPYC 3. generation

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Atman enters into a partnership with Lenovo and receives, as the first one in Poland, the status of a Cloud Service Provider with rights to run an authorized Lenovo server service. With the hardware vendor portfolio expansion, Atman Dedicated Servers customers gain a wider choice of high-performance configurations equipped with 3rd generation processors from the world’s leading manufacturers: AMD and Intel.

Lenovo has more than 30 years of experience in creating servers of high performance and with exceptionally short unscheduled downtime duration, unattainable by other x86-class server manufacturers. Atman has already included several Lenovo-designed server models based on AMD EPYC 3rd generation processors or Intel Xeon (Ice Lake) 3rd generation processors in its basic service offering. Soon it will also feature Lenovo servers with the latest, 4th generation processors.

In terms of performance, a configuration based on 2 × 64-core AMD EPYC 7763 processors stands out among the Atman’s new off-the-shelf dedicated server offerings. Its most popular server line called “Business”, on the other hand, Atman has expanded with a configuration based on 2 × Intel Ice Lake 4310 3rd gen. processors, which will meet the needs of a wide range of demanding users.

In addition to the standard servers models, Atman Dedicated Servers customers can use certified Lenovo solutions created on a special order: for virtualization with VMware certification, certified solutions for SAP (including appliance certified solutions for SAP HANA), and for the most powerful HPC computing systems with certification of graphics card manufacturers, so-called computational accelerators, e.g. NVIDIA.

“IaaS services are our flagship, we are committed to their development and are constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen the competitiveness of our offer. The partnership with Lenovo enables us to include an additional range of powerful bare metal options and we have no doubt that it will bring a lot of satisfaction to our customers. The recognition of the Lenovo brand, and the quality it carries, are also significant for us,” said Jaroslaw Luczkiewicz, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Atman.

Atman’s status as a Cloud Service Provider in the Lenovo partner program means many benefits for Dedicated Server customers. In addition to the attractive prices of servers, Atman obtains exclusive powers: it becomes an authorized Lenovo server service provider for the purposes of its services, and also has the right to make changes to the server configurations supplied by Lenovo in accordance with the compatibility list for the model.

As a result, Atman customers can enjoy extraordinary flexibility and scalability of individual servers (e.g. up to 8 TB of RAM, up to 32 SSD or NVMe drives). Atman also offers, as part of its services, the highest level of technical assistance (SLA) on the Polish market: up to 4 hours to repair or replace a damaged component or the entire device.

Establishing close cooperation with Lenovo and AMD, same as with Intel a few years earlier, of which Atman is a Gold Partner, also guarantees a short path to specialists at these manufacturers, which translates into quick resolution of installation and configuration problems reported by users.


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Atman specializes in IT outsourcing and data center services, providing customers with ICT solutions tailored to their business needs. As a mature partner with an experienced team of engineers and experts, it advises on complex technological projects. Atman’s services provide its customers with high-performance, secure and flexible bases for operations, support for Business Continuity Management, and enable to optimize their IT costs, thus helping them stay competitive, grow, and expand their businesses into new markets.

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