Atman cloud solutions expanded with VMware Cloud

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Meet Atman VMware Cloud – our new cloud platform based on VMware virtualization technology. Its services are addressed towards companies that are already using this technology in their IT environment and require seamless integration from a newly purchased cloud.

In addition to the successful Atman Cloud environment, which is based on OpenStack open source software, our customers can now benefit from a cloud solution built on VMware – the world leading virtualization technology.

Just as Atman Cloud, Atman VMware Cloud is characterized by high availability of services – we provide a 99.97% SLA. This is related to redundancy of key components of both platforms, as well as their locations. Atman VMware Cloud and Atman Cloud are located in a Tier III+ level, secure (also in terms of energy) Atman Data Center in Warsaw, with EPI DCOS-4, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

Atman VMware Cloud is the ideal solution for large IT teams that require various scopes of authority. VMware technology offers a wide range of options for managing user access and permissions, even at the individual level.

Administration of the environment in Atman VMware Cloud is done via the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal or API. For example, you can freely increase storage capacity or change disk speed without rebooting the VM, and you can also create HA policies yourself, i.e. invoke machines from the cluster on different servers.

In Atman VMware Cloud, we provide instant access to free open source application packages from the VMware Marketplace (over 500 packages) and the Bitnami library (over 100 packages). Cloud users appreciate time savings, such as the option to quickly install a ready-made set of applications needed.

Equally fast and simple is the way of settling for Atman VMware Cloud resources in a monthly subscription, because we only take into account: vCPU, RAM, storage space and number of IP addresses, and possible Microsoft licenses. There are 3 block disk speeds available, the maximum is 12,000 iops.

As part of the service, at no extra charge, Atman VMware Cloud users are provided with a package of standard network tools, such as: router, VPN IPsec, gateway firewall, as well as built-in anti-DDoS protection and unlimited data transfer to and from the cloud.

Atman VMware Cloud can also be easily integrated with our other cloud services: Atman Backup (Commvault) and Atman Object Storage (S3).

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