Atman improves its protection against DDoS attacks

Product news

At the turn of March and April, we implemented a new version of the Atman Anti-DDoS system. The current solution for protection against DDoS attacks is based on traffic flow analytical algorithms by Flowmon and a scrubbing center in Radware technology. 

The migration of the customers’ services with the previous version of Atman Anti-DDoS to the new solution did not require any action on their part, and ran smoothly. During the change period our customers’ Internet connections and resources remained protected without the shortest break.

The new Atman Anti-DDoS provides our customers with the protection of a higher quality than the previous version did due to access to the best global signature databases that Radware uses.  Another key feature of the new solution is the ability to granulate scrubbing at the port level, rather than covering the entire IP address. Among the advantages of this change there is also the enrichment of the analytical part, including an intuitive form of data presentation (customized charts), as well as more precise reports after the attacks end.

Atman Anti-DDoS protects Atman’s infrastructure, i.e. the domestic fiber-optic network and Atman Data Centers, from various types of DDoS attacks. Thus, the resources of customers using dedicated servers or cloud services in Atman are protected as standard.

Such an effective protection against volumetric attacks can also be ordered by companies using Internet access services from Atman. Securing the Internet connection with Atman Anti-DDoS does not require any changes to the customer infrastructure configuration, and it is run by Atman engineers within a few business days. Once it’s deployed, the customers receive access to the Anti-DDoS panel in the Atman Customer Zone, where they can view the protected resources and change the selected protection plan to another one, i.e. raise or lower the threshold values that define the protection sensitivity.

Advantages of Atman Anti-DDoS:

  • Automatic operation (elimination of the human factor)
  • Fast response time (detection and disposal of the threat), crucial for DDoS attacks
  • Flexible configuration parameters adapted to changing traffic characteristics
  • Scrubbing with access to global statistics and signatures (effective protection against zero-day attacks)
  • Extensive post-attack analyses, the level of detail of which is adapted to the needs of the customer’s organization
  • Fast deployment time without customer engagement and infrastructure change
  • Support of qualified engineering staff.

 Using Atman Anti-DDoS, the customer gains:

  • Effective protection of key business processes
  • Stable, uninterrupted operation of the company
  • Protection against financial and reputational losses
  • Reports supporting the settlement of cybersecurity insurance.

Radware technology

Radware is a leader of the global cybersecurity solutions market. Its latest DefensePro devices analyze traffic patterns, such as sudden and massive spikes, to provide automated, behavior-based protection from fast moving, high volume, encrypted or very short duration DDoS attacks, including: zero-day DDoS attacks, randomized and reflective DDoS attacks, IoT-based attacks like Mirai, pulse and burst DDoS attacks, recursive DDoS attacks on DNS infrastructure, TLS/SSL attacks, and those attacks associated with Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) and Ransom Denial of Service (RDoS) techniques.