Atman is DE-CIX’s partner in Poland

Company news

In mid-September 2022, DE-CIX announced partnerships with four operators of Internet exchanges (IXs) in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Poland is represented by Atman, which uniquely combines the potential of professional data centers and a versatile, high-performance telecommunications infrastructure, including Thinx IX.

DE-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange) based in Frankfurt am Main is the world’s leading provider of Internet exchanges. DE-CIX has entered into agreements of collaboration with four companies from Warsaw, Prague, Sofia and Bucharest in order to strengthen its presence in central and south-eastern regions of Europe.

We have been chosen as the operator of secure data centers that guarantee a high quality of service and a 99.999% SLA for uptime, as well as the operator of Thinx IX, one of the largest Internet exchange points in Poland.

Our partnership with DE-CIX enables companies across Europe a direct and lossless communication with the unique Atman Data Center. For us, this is a great opportunity to reach new customers in Europe and beyond. At the same time, existing Atman’s customers gain access to the world’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem.

According to DE-CIX, “Cross-border availability of high-quality interconnection services, such as direct and dedicated cloud connectivity and the secure interconnection of multiple business locations, multiple business partners, and remote teams, will further support digital transformation in Europe.” Read the whole DE-CIX’s press release.