Atman launches a new website and platform for online sales

Company news

The leader in the Polish data center market has replaced its existing website with a refreshed sales portal, using well-known e-commerce solutions and based on an engine designed for e-stores.

User-friendly and mobile

The new site has been designed in collaboration with IAI S.A., and is based on the very well tested and secure system. IAI S.A. has previously integrated its sales and customer service solutions with the systems of such clients as PKO Bank, mBank, the Polish Post Office, DHL, PayU and Gemius.

The new site features a refreshed, clearer layout with information on all of the services offered by Atman. To quote Grzegorz Żmijewski, head of Atman’s Marketing and Business Development Department: – We have grouped our services clearly into four areas – data centers, dedicated servers, cloud computing, and telecommunications and network security. The main changes? The site now enables certain products and services to be bought online quickly and directly, and it has also been optimized for smartphones and tablets.


Cooperation with an e-commerce giant

The most important change is the use of e-commerce solutions associated with the B2C segment, adapted for the needs of the demanding B2B market. On the one hand the website enables the easy management of purchases, while on the other it allows contact to be made with Atman’s sales department in the traditional way, and services to be ordered via that route. Another advantage of the new site is its integration with the internal CRM system used to support sales and customer servicing. To make this possible, under the project a special integration system was prepared jointly by software engineers from both companies.

– We decided to combine the advantages offered by e-commerce platforms with the functions that businesses require. Our new platform thus enables full control over the buying process, access to advanced systems for building baskets of purchases and handling payments, and the management of purchasing and investment processes in real time – says Grzegorz Żmijewski of Atman. – Work on the deployment of this model is innovative and demanding, but will bring many advantages in the long term.


More and more purchases being made online

The launch of the new website and sales platform is a response to the marked upward trend in online sales of products and services. The fact that this channel is becoming more and more popular even for B2B transactions is confirmed by the survey Accenture Channel Shift: Measuring B2B Efforts To Shift Customers Online, which shows that almost 60% of global firms sell services online to one-third of their business customers, while as many as 86% of the surveyed firms offer such a possibility.

In Poland, while online sales are driven chiefly by consumers, the transactions made by B2B customers have a value ten times as high on average, according to the Deloitte and Aleo report Digitization of the B2B Market: Digital Purchasing Platforms. By the end of the decade, according to the authors of that report, the total value of the B2B e-commerce market will reach 344 billion zloty.

ATM S.A. is the WSE listed Polish data center market leader as well as an expert in security of data transmission and processing. Under the Atman brand the company provides colocation, hosting and cloud computing services in its data centers with 13,600 sq m (146,400 sq ft) of the total space. Using own international links and fiber-optic networks in the largest Polish cities, Atman offers broadband IP services including Internet access and data transmission. Major recipients of the services are telecommunications operators, traditional media, Internet portals, financial institutions, commercial and industrial companies. More information at