Atman puts into use F6 facility with 1,440 sq. meters for servers

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The newly built F6 colocation facility is located in the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1, the largest data center campus in Poland. F6 has been allocated with 3.6 MW of IT power. Its 6 fully customizable server rooms with the technical space of 240 sq. meters each are ready for the installation of customers’ IT equipment.

The Atman investment, launched at the turn of April and May 2020, went according to plan and was delivered on time, despite the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the launch of the F6, the technical space of the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 amounts to 6,740 sq. m (net), and the total space of all Atman’s DC locations is approx. 10,800 sq. m (net). Design works are already underway regarding the further expansion of the DC campus at Grochowska Street by nearly 3,000 sq. m net colocation space in buildings F7 and F8.


F6 facility

Atman has at its disposal a total power supply of 41.5 MW, of which 3.6 MW IT power has been allocated to the F6 facility (to supply customers’ devices). The F6 is equipped with an emergency power system including UPSs and an exclusive N+1 generator.

The load-bearing capacity of the F6 ceiling is intended for the installation of high-density server racks, thus accommodating more than usual equipment for the largest and most demanding customers. It also required preparing infrastructure for increased power consumption and more intensive use of precision air conditioning.

The F6 is well connected. Atman provides redundant fiber-optic links of its network as well as external connections to other telecommunications operators, because all Atman’s DC centers are carrier neutral. In F6, two independent MMRs (meet-me rooms) have been prepared for operators. In addition, the facility offers the possibility to set up dedicated connections to the regions of the largest global clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure).

The F6 building is designed not only for the safety and continuity of the services provided there, but also for the comfort of users and the efficiency of the logistics process. The functional automatic ramp enables collision-free unloading of two TIR transports at the same time, in all weather conditions. The height of all doors (including elevators) along the entire transport path of the equipment to the server room is 280 cm, which is important especially in the case of deliveries of racks filled with devices ready for installation. On each floor there are storage rooms for customers, as well as connectors to the adjacent F5 colocation facility.

Have a look at the F6 facility

Customization and scalability

Atman is able to provide space in line with the specific requirements of each large client. Thanks to the freedom to divide and connect server rooms, the operator can provide a separate room of any size, arranged and equipped according to the customer’s indications, with air conditioning that guarantees the environmental conditions specified thereby, and even with adapted parameters of the emergency power supply system. Thanks to special boxes, it is also possible to physically separate customer’s racks from other users of the server room.

The customer has 24/7 access to their devices, and can also use Atman’s technical support in the form of remote hands services (24/7), thanks to which simple work does not require visiting the data center. On the other hand, the SCADA data center monitoring system provides a current view and collective reports of non-stop recorded environmental parameters in a given server chamber and events, e.g. opening of a rack.

Importantly, if it is necessary to expand the IT environment, the company colocating its equipment in the data center can be sure that there will be enough space for additional server racks. It can also easily and quickly increase its IT resources, supplementing them with dedicated servers or virtual machines in the Atman Cloud platform.


Security, quality and availability of services

The high level of service quality and information security in Atman Data Centers is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certificates. Ensuring high availability of data center services requires periodic maintenance works, including system reviews, as well as regular analysis and improvement of processes and procedures. Atman’s Warsaw Data Centers are the only DC facilities in Europe to operate in accordance with the Data Center Operations Standard – in 2019 they obtained EPI-DCOS certification at level 4. The audited areas are: Facilities Management, Data Center Operations, Monitoring / Reporting / Control and Service Level Management.

Cooperation with local data centers is used not only by business customers, but also by content, hosting or cloud service providers, although some of them have their own data centers. Their goal is to increase the number of locations and bring services closer to users. The decision to create a new facility in a commercial, reputable data center is based on the economic calculation. Server colocation, instead of building your own facility, significantly reduces the investment costs in a new location and accelerates the launch of services there. Atman’s DC infrastructure in Warsaw is used in this way by,, Aruba Cloud and Acronis, among others.