Atman replaces ATM

Company news

ATM S.A. changes its name to Atman sp. z o.o. to make communication more consistent and be better identified with the Atman brand which it has been building for many years for its ICT services. The change of name became effective on September 9, 2021.

The decision to change is the culmination of many years of promotional activities around the Atman brand, an important element of which were a new logo for the brand along with the slogan “non‑stop-data” introduced in 2017. The new branding reflects the company’s strategy of uncompromisingly striving to maintain and develop the highest quality ICT infrastructure and services in order to provide customers with uninterrupted access to data.

The organic development of Atman’s infrastructure enhances the offer of the existing colocation space in Warsaw which is a buoyant business center in the CEE region, attracting the largest global providers of ICT services. Atman is a partner for companies that operate on the Polish market or want to enter it without having to invest in their own colocation centers and going through the tedious process of designing, building, equipping, and then employing qualified staff to operate and maintain them.

At the end of September this year, Atman is putting into service another facility as part of the expansion of Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 in Praga-Południe district. The F6 building with six data rooms will increase the supply of colocation space by 1,440 sq. meters net, and the total area of Atman data centers (3 locations) will amount to 10,800 sq. meters net. Due to the unflagging demand for data processing and storage services, as well as the development of edge computing, Atman is planning further investments in the development of its data center infrastructure in Poland in the coming years.

Warsaw is one of the fastest growing markets for this type of services and benefits from a competitive advantage over mature markets (the so-called FLAP-D) due to the availability of land and electrical power. Striving for geographic diversification of data centers driven by the need to accelerate data transmission and thus, among other things, place them closer to the end user, makes Atman a desirable business partner for the so-called hyperscalers, content providers and e‑commerce companies.

ATM started operating on the Polish ICT market in the early 1990s. Investments in own metropolitan fiber-optic network (MAN) in Warsaw and its operations center led to the creation in 2001 of a fiber-optic network called “Atman”. Since then, the company has systematically invested in ICT infrastructure and built a rich portfolio of data transmission, processing, storage and security services – all provided under the Atman trademark. In addition to the Atman nationwide fiber-optic network, the company currently operates three data processing centers: Atman Data Center Warsaw-1, Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 and Atman Data Center Katowice-1.

On 9 September 2021, the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw registered the change of the name of ATM S.A. to Atman sp. z o.o. The company continues the activities of ATM S.A. in the scope of all rights and obligations resulting from contracts previously concluded by ATM S.A.

Other company details remain the same, including:

  • Tax identification number (NIP)
  • KRS number
  • Bank account numbers
  • Telephone numbers
  • Registered office address
  • E-mail and website addresses

Update: as of 5 October 2021, the KRS number changed to 0000923206.