Atman services approved by the Ministry of Digital Affairs

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Three Atman services have received positive verification from the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and are now available on the ZUCH platform. Public officials will be able to make use of cloud computing, backup and object storage services provided by the Tier III+ data center operator.

The Cloud Services Provision System, abbreviated ZUCH, is a platform launched in the spring of 2020 to help public administrative bodies select cloud solutions. It means that publicly funded agencies have access to a catalog of verified suppliers and services that meet defined security standards.

New IaaS services in the ZUCH system

Poland’s Ministry of Digital Affairs has positively verified all three services of IaaS type (Infrastructure as a Service) which were submitted by Atman. These are Atman Cloud, Atman Backup, and Atman Object Storage. They provide access to an IT infrastructure under a service model, unlimited data storage space, and additional security in the form of backups. These are complementary solutions that facilitate digitization in public administration.

The placing of Atman services on the ZUCH platform confirms that they meet the rigorous requirements of the Ministry of Digital Affairs relating to confidentiality, integrity, and access to information.

Cloud services, backup and object storage from Atman

Atman Cloud is a public cloud that offers clients two billing models for access to computing resources: a subscription model with fixed monthly payments, and a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system, where costs depend on the actual level of resource use. Under both models there is no charge for data transfer; the client is billed only for the vCPU core, RAM, disk space, IP addresses and Microsoft licenses.

“A public administrative body that uses a public cloud does not incur any capital expenditure, does not need to buy anything in reserve, and can forget about the basic costs of maintaining a server room: energy, air-conditioning, physical security, etc. Moreover it has at its disposal multiple network tools, available without additional fees,” notes Piotr Paluszkiewicz of Atman.

With Atman Backup an organization can fully automate the process of making regular encrypted backup copies of any desired source data, while continuing to control and independently manage all aspects of backup: tasks, reports, alerts, etc. Backups are stored at a Tier III+ data center, and the logical components provide the highest possible assurance of continuous uninterrupted operation.

The Atman Object Storage service provides cheap and secure storage of an unlimited quantity of static data, including various types of multimedia or archive files. One of the advantages of the Atman service is that there are no fees for data transfer.

ZUCH will speed up digitization

Use of the ZUCH system is making life much easier in administration, as officials have no need to waste time seeking out IT solutions. Information is presented on the portal in a way that enables the rapid verification of suppliers and their offers.

“The current difficult situation is conducive to a change of approach to IT expenditure, including migration to the cloud. At the same time, because public administrative bodies process sensitive data, they need to take a very restrictive approach when selecting suppliers. Hence the usefulness of a platform like ZUCH, which can further have a positive effect on speeding up the digitization of the public sector, and consequently the private sector also. The experience of other countries shows that administration often leads the way with such changes. It is for this reason that we have decided to support this initiative and allow our services to be included in it,” explains Piotr Paluszkiewicz of Atman.

Atman’s services are available on the ZUCH platform from November 2020, under the Cloud Infrastructure Services (Cloud Hosting) category in the Public Cloud Computing domain.