3 steps to a cyclical, fully automated backup

Author: Atman

Check out how easy it is when you use Backup as a Service. You set it once and you can forget about it if you want. Backups will be made regularly and wait safely, so you can restore them quickly and easily when needed.

1. Login to the administration panel

The backup management system has a clear and easy-to-use graphic panel. You use it via a web browser. You receive the login details by e-mail, and you set the password the first time you log into your account.


2. Backup agent download and installation

In the panel, you go to the Download Center and download the installation package that is appropriate for you depending on the selected protection type (File, Application and Virtual Machine etc.) and the operating system of the protected machine (Linux, Windows). Various hypervisors are also supported, incl. OpenStack and VMware, as well as the clouds of the largest providers.

You place the downloaded package on the machine to be registered in the Atman Backup service, and then proceed to the agent installation. It is an intuitive procedure – it is performed like a standard application installation; besides you can follow the instructions provided in the user guide.


3. Configuration of backup tasks

After installing the agent (or agents, if the protected data are on more than one machine), you go to its configuration, including the setting of periodic backup tasks.

In Atman Backup, you can choose one of the ready-made automatic backup plans available immediately in the administration panel, or you can define key parameters yourself, thanks to which the service will be ideally suited to your individual needs. It is primarily about the hours and frequency of backup, retention time, i.e. the period of storage of a given copy, as well as the type of backup (full or incremental).


This is enough for you to run periodic backups of your data.

Management, reporting, backups on demand

Don’t worry if you are not sure what plan you need. Our service allows flexible management, so while using the service, you can freely change your current settings. In the administration panel, you can easily modify backup schedules and retention periods, change the scope of protection, add and remove agents, and so on, and so forth.

In the panel, you can also define reporting parameters for performed recurring tasks and alerts in the event of errors in creating backup copies, which will facilitate ongoing backup supervision. In addition, you can run an on-demand backup at any time, i.e. perform a one-time backup task outside of your regular schedule.

Backup storage and recovery

Of course, backup isn’t just about creating backups – it’s only half the battle. The other half is the backup restoration, or more precisely, the safe storage of backups and the guarantee of access to them when necessary. In the case of the Atman Backup service, we rely on one of the most recognized technologies in the world for making and restoring backups: Commvault.

The transmission of your source data to our backup platform is encrypted, and their backups are stored in an encrypted form. The platform itself is a complex organism equipped with multiplied components and redundant elements, and therefore resistant to failures. This multi-server system with a network based on two strong operator-class switches is located in the Atman Data Center Warsaw-2, which guarantees compliance with one of the basic backup rules – storing backups in a location other than your source data.

Restoring backups is very easy. In the administration panel you have access to the full history of your backup tasks. All you have to do is select the correct backup and confirm the restoration task.

Everything, flexibly and simply

You can easily combine the Atman Backup service with our IaaS services, i.e. cloud computing and dedicated servers, because a secure, highly available backup platform is located in a separate data center.

Within one Atman Backup account, you can install an unlimited number of agents and backup an unlimited amount of source data. The backup type does not matter: disk2disk and tapes, full and incremental, file system, databases, applications, as well as snapshot backup of entire virtual machines.

Convenient and flexible backup management is ensured by a clear graphic panel accessible from the level of a web browser. You are billed based on only 2 parameters: the number of machines protected and the volume of the source data. It probably does not get any simpler or safer.