Atman Backup – a new service for those who care about professional backups

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Author: Atman

In mid-October, the leader of the Polish data center market and telecommunications operator launched Backup as a Service. What distinguishes Atman Backup are high security, versatility and easy management. The service is intended for both existing clients who, for example, use Atman Cloud, lease dedicated servers or colocate their resources at Atman Data Center WAW-1, as well as companies that process data in other locations. 

Focus on security

Atman Backup enables automatic backup of operating systems, applications, databases and virtual machines ensuring the highest level of security. First of all, backups are stored in a different location than the original data, which is crucial for a truly secure backup. Backups are stored in an encrypted form, and the data transmission itself between the source server and the backup platform is also encrypted.

“If the backup was created in the same location where the main data center is located, there would be a risk of losing both the copy and the original data. That’s why we have located a backup platform in our Atman Data Center WAW-2. It is a Tier III level facility that meets the highest safety standards,” emphasizes Jakub Bryła from Atman.

The platform is built of multiple servers connected by a dedicated redundant network based on two strong carrier class switches. Copies in Atman Backup are stored in a separate object storage system intended only for this purpose. It is worth noting that the platform is fully modifiable – it can be extended and also easily adapted to newer technologies that may appear in the future.

Atman Backup platform diagram
Atman Backup platform diagram

“The physical equipment of the Atman Backup platform is characterized by the High Availability architecture, and the system components function in active-active and active-passive modes, ensuring the greatest uninterrupted continuity of operation possible,” adds Jakub Bryła.

No limits

The Atman BaaS service in the software layer uses a proven and recognized solution offered by Commvault – a company which has been specializing in the development of enterprise-class solutions for data protection and information management for years.

Consequently, the system user may enjoy a full range of backup types (e.g. disk-to-disk, tape, full or incremental) and can make a copy of any element (e.g. file system, database, applications) – also snapshot backups of virtualized server infrastructure.

In addition, in Atman Backup, the user can specify any parameters of backup schedules, such as the frequency and time when backups are made or their retention period.

Everything under control

The service is highly intuitive. Atman offers several predefined plans available at hand which can then be managed independently, whereas clients can also instruct Atman to prepare a backup plan in accordance with their guidelines.

In a convenient Atman Backup administration panel, users will perform all activities related to the preparation of backup tasks and data recovery. This is also where they have access to all reports on completed tasks.

In the event that clients do not have time to independently manage their backup accounts, Atman guarantees the support of a team of professionals ready to perform the work precisely according to the customer’s instructions.