Atman refreshes the offer of dedicated servers

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Author: Atman
Business chooses IT services over ownership

According to Gartner’s forecasts, the value of IT services in 2019 may exceed the magic limit of $ 1 trillion. The software and hardware segments will benefit from this. The new version of Atman offer of dedicated server lease corresponds with these market trends. Digital transformation forces Polish entrepreneurs to implement solutions that are flexible and at the same time cost-optimal.

IT infrastructure on call

Atman, the leader of the Polish data center market, has modified the offer of its flagship service of lease of dedicated servers, replacing most of the hardware configurations. The new offer is characterized by the largest range of default configurations of servers for lease on the Central European market. Now, even in the simplest configurations, Atman provides double disks to allow redundancy, and hence – uninterrupted operation. In turn, in configurations with stronger processors, the operating memory level has been increased to provide customers with even higher performance. Intel Xeon Scalable processors – which until now were available only on request – are a novelty in the standard offer.

“We structured our current offer in a way that should satisfy both customers with low requirements regarding, for example, computing power, as well as those in need of extensive, dedicated solutions. In both variants, the provided infrastructure is highly failure-free and can be modified on the spot – emphasizes Robert Mikołajski from Atman. Leasing physical equipment does not mean that its configuration must be constant. Thanks to the support of our engineers, the business can quickly and almost freely expand its IT environment. In turn, in the period of reduced demand for computing power, the customer may resign from a given level of service,” adds Mikołajski.

Trial servers or a benefit package?

In addition to the configuration of dedicated servers, Atman refreshes its offer also in terms of business conditions. The possibility of leasing equipment for an indefinite term when ordering online has been restored. The possibility of signing a contract for 36 months has been added to standard contracts for 12- and 24-month cooperation. Another novelty is the 6-month contract.

“The changes we are introducing are not only to support our existing clients, but also to attract new ones. By introducing the indefinite-term contract, we wanted to give them the opportunity to test our dedicated servers so that they could check out themselves the quality of the service. On the other hand, clients who choose one of the time-specific variants of cooperation will be provided with an internal 1 Gbps network, 1 Gbps Internet port and a disk space for backup (FTP) for PLN 1 monthly for each of these options,” emphasizes Robert Mikołajski from Atman.

Clients who sign a contract for a minimum of 12 months will also receive upgraded anti-DDoS protection packages and additional data transfer packages for PLN 1 per month. In addition, Atman increased the discounts normally granted due to the length of the contract. “Depending on the duration of the contract, in the case of an average size server, the savings generated on additional options and discounts range from PLN 175 to more than PLN 1,000 a month, which often exceeds the monthly value of server lease,” summarizes Robert Mikołajski.

The market enforces changes

In 2019, global IT spending will increase by 3.2% up to 3.8 trillion dollars. That’s about 100 billion dollars more than in 2018 – Gartner predicts. Analysts point out that in almost every segment of the market, the transition from ownership to services is visible. The turnover of data center equipment is also expected to increase by 6% thanks to the growing demand for servers among data center operators.

Companies find it increasingly difficult to rely solely on their own resources, especially with the growing shortage of specialists and market pressure to cut costs. Instead of buying own servers, business prefers to lease equipment and get support from specialists. That’s why, in just 7 years, as many as 80% of companies worldwide will close their own data centers and will migrate their IT resources to clouds or leased dedicated servers located in professional data centers.

According to Gartner, 46% of the surveyed companies indicated that IT services and consolidation of providers are one of the most effective methods of cost optimization. When looking for savings, it is worth analyzing special conditions offered by service providers in the last months of the year, when a large part of contracts for ICT services expires. Then, attractive promotions appear on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, so it is worth consuming all of the 2018 IT budget.