Dedicated servers with flexible antiDDoS protection

Product news, Security, Outsourcing of IT infrastructure
Author: Atman
Atman has provided its clients who use dedicated servers with additional protection plans against DDoS attacks

For years, Atman’s service of Dedicated Servers has been protected against volumetric attacks as standard and free of charge. Now clients have been given the opportunity to change the parameters of this protection, just by making a few clicks in the administration panel.

Making additional plans available in dedicated servers gives clients greater freedom and adjustment of infrastructure security to changing business needs. So far, companies leasing dedicated servers from Atman have received standard anti-DDoS protection with strictly defined parameters. For some clients, however, increased traffic may be sometimes may result not from a cyber attack, but business activities. Anticipating unusual activity of Internet users in response to, for example, a campaign promoting a new product, the client may increase the threshold activating blackholing, i.e. “cutting off” the unwanted, threatening traffic.

“At Atman, we always try to meet the clients’ expectations in terms of building a company IT infrastructure. Over the years, our service of dedicated servers has been characterized by a high level of scalability and full flexibility of parameters. However, we wanted our clients to have a greater impact on the management of security issues and tools that ensure smooth operation of IT environments in their organizations,” explains Robert Mikołajski, Product Manager at Atman.

The function of choosing anti-DDoS protection plan for dedicated servers is available on the Client Portal, where users can enable one of the plans with extended parameters or restore free standard protection for machines leased by them at any time.

The system protecting dedicated servers and Atman’s cloud against volumetric attacks is based on the redGuardian solution. It is distinguished by automatic action (elimination of the human factor), and thus a very fast response time which is critical for DDoS attacks – threat is detected and neutralized in a few seconds.

The operator also offers the Atman AntiDDoS service to clients who use Atman’s Internet access services in the office or as an element of colocation of their devices at Atman WAW-1 and WAW-2 Data Centers.