Features of colocation building F6

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Author: Atman

We are pleased to present a visualization of the new F6 colocation building, which since May 2020 has been under construction at the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 campus at 21A Grochowska Street, Warsaw.

The F6 building will have 1440 sq m of net technical space (more than 3000 sq m gross). The total IT power supply is 3.6 MW.

When construction is completed around mid-2021, Atman’s total data center space (at three locations) will amount to 10,720 sq m net (almost 19,500 sq m gross).

Visualization of F6 and the Atman DC WAW-1 campus

The design for F6 includes:

On level I (ground floor)

  • Covered automatic double unloading ramp enabling simultaneous unimpeded unloading of two large trucks in all weather conditions
  • Doors of height 280 cm on the entire route for transportation of equipment
  • Dedicated N+1 generator for the building
  • Dedicated water treatment system for the air-conditioning system with a 24-hour water buffer
  • Two independent rooms for operators, known as meet-me-rooms (MMRs)
  • Storage space

On level II

  • BMS (building management system)
  • UPS systems
  • Batteries

On levels III–V

  • On each floor, two data rooms with high power density, i.e. 6 × 240 sq m of technical space
  • Increased ceiling load capacity: 25 kN with the possibility of installing racks up to 1850 kg
  • Data room ceilings adapted for customizable suspended installations
  • Direct vertical fiber-optic connections between rooms, via shafts, installed in the ceiling
  • Elevator with height 280 cm and load capacity 2500 kg, with redundancy
  • On each floor a corridor linking buildings F5 and F6
  • Storage space on every floor

Regarding communication

  • Network of connections between MMRs
  • Independent fiber-optic paths to the building with possibility of separation from the campus network
  • Direct connections to the building for outside operators
  • Direct connection to the hubs of global cloud computing service providers

Regarding customization

  • Possibility of dedicating the entire building to one client – with a separate system of security, fire extinguishing and CCTV, without access to third parties
  • Possibility of organizational separation of the building from the existing DC zone – creation of a separate zone with its own entrance and dedicated security
  • Possibility of customizing the parameters of cooling, battery operating time, UPS system (e.g. 2N+1)

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