Multicloud and easy management of distributed IT architecture thanks to Atman Cloud Connect

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Author: Atman

Atman Cloud Connect is a service of a dedicated connection of the IT infrastructure of a company located in one of the Atman data centers with resources that such company uses in the public cloud of a global provider (CSP – cloud service provider).

Thanks to this service, Atman’s clients receive another degree of flexibility in developing solutions – they may not only rely on infrastructure from various IT stack levels (i.e. combine, for example, dedicated servers with the cloud, colocation with the cloud, colocation with the dedicated servers), but also use different cloud providers.

Opportunities and benefits of Atman Cloud Connect

Use Purpose Benefits
Distributed IT environment with diversified architecture
  • Own servers colocated in a DC and/or dedicated servers with global cloud computing services merged into one environment
  • Combination of the security of data processing in a local infrastructure with the flexibility of the largest global cloud computing providers
  • Freedom to choose the most effective type of technology or cloud platform for a given work / use
  • Easy management of distributed IT architecture
  • IT cost optimization
  • Fast infrastructure scalability 
  • No dependence on one provider (so called vendor lock-in)
Multicloud solutions
  • Creation of hybrid cloud environments that use Atman Cloud and the global CSP platform
Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Creation of a backup data processing center in a public cloud with hard georedundancy
  • Protection against loss of access to data and company systems
  • Guarantee that no failure will affect both data centers at the same time
  • Ensuring immediate takeover of work by the backup DC in the event of the basic DC failure

3 largest global cloud providers

The ACC offer includes connections to public clouds such as:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure.

Atman provides a minimum of two connections to all public cloud regions of individual providers, and so the client can build a fully redundant infrastructure.

Description of Atman Cloud Connect

The Atman Cloud Connect connection is separated from the Internet, thanks to which:

  • Data transmission between the client’s local infrastructure and the CSP platform does not burden the company’s connection with the world
  • Data transmission security is higher.

Atman Cloud Connect operates in the second (data link) layer of the ISO/OSI model, allowing IP connectivity in the third (network) layer. The client independently sets up BGP/IP sessions between its infrastructure and the public cloud platform in the client portal of a given CSP. Atman does not take part in the third layer configuration, it only provides the “tunnel”.

Basic components of Atman Cloud Connect:

  • Port (1 G or 10 G) on the client’s infrastructure side
  • Set-up connection (Ethernet Virtual Circuit) between this port and the interface of the public cloud provider.

It is possible to set up multiple ACC connections to the same provider or connections to various cloud providers using the same port on the client’s side; therefore, the default port operation mode here is VLAN.

To use Atman Cloud Connect, it is necessary to additionally purchase the service of “direct private connection” from the selected cloud provider, for example: AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, etc.


For a long time, the clients who use server colocation in Atman have enjoyed the comfort of choosing the Internet service provider freely thanks to the carrier neutrality of the Atman data centers. After introducing Atman Cloud Connect to the offer in early 2019, this also applies to the choice of cloud computing provider.

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