Center for Informatics Technology colocates at Atman

New contracts

Since December 2017 Atman has been providing colocation services for the Center for Informatics Technology (Polish: Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki, COI). For the first time, this institution decided to use an external provider of data center services. The agreement was signed for four years, and it includes a separate server room area for the COI to be used as a dedicated Data Processing Center.

The tender, announced in September, was settled in November 2017, becoming the largest contract of this type for colocation service, signed in the fourth quarter of 2017. Atman undertook to provide space in a server room with a high security standard of hardware infrastructure, and dark optic fibers lease. The redundant fibers run two independent routes from the colocated racks at the Atman Data Center to two Warsaw locations indicated by the Central IT Center. Atman ensured minimal delay time, thus guaranteeing ideal conditions for data transmission.

The Center for Informatics Technology analysed the offers of four providers of colocation services. Apart from Atman, T-Mobile and Netia joined the tender. Equinix also submitted an offer, but it was not evaluated by the COI. Atman’s proposal turned out to be the most advantageous, though not the cheapest, as its services were valued at PLN 65,629.41 per month. Other factors determined choosing Atman, including the date of commencement of the service, which Atman declared the shortest. In December 2017, the extremely busy pre-Christmas period, Atman installed and configured the infrastructure in a record time of 23 days, including weekends.

Over the last two years, Atman, the operator of the largest data center in Poland and the owner of domestic fiber optic network, has signed agreements for data transmission services with the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection and for Internet access with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, among others.