Chronicle of the Atman Data Center expansion

Company news

In May 2020 we started the construction of a new colocation facility at Atman Data Center Warsaw-1.

Building F6 with an area of 3,027 sq m gross (1,440 sq m net) will have 5 floors and 6 server chambers. It is designed for data center purposes, so it will be equipped with modern security, air conditioning and fire protection systems, as well as 3.6 MW guaranteed IT power supply and emergency power supply systems.

Track the progress of our work, which we update on a regular basis.

June 2020. Beginning of the construction works. Walls and ceilings of the lowest floors are created.
July 2020. Continuation of work on the lowest floors.
August 2020. We are already working on the reinforcement of the second floor, which has an increased total load capacity of 25kN/m2.
September 2020. Work is underway on the 4th floor, where the future data rooms of our clients will be located.
October 2020. The fourth floor is about to finish. Works on the F6 building are proceeding according to the schedule.