Data center & telecom operator Atman exhibits at Capacity Europe 2018


On October 23-25, London will host the Europe’s largest international meeting of representatives of the carrier market – Capacity Europe. Atman, whose representatives have been participating in this event for years, this time decided to emphasize its presence more visibly. At its stand, it will present a competitive offer of its data center services in the carrier neutral model and the last mile development of the Atman domestic network.

Capacity Europe is one of the largest industry conferences, comparable to the American ITW in Chicago. Every year, it attracts representatives of virtually all major global telecommunications carriers, cloud and data center services providers. And data center and IaaS services is just what the Warsaw operator will focus on at Capacity Europe this time. According to Gartner’s analysts, in just 7 years as many as 80% of companies in the world will close their server rooms to the benefit of IT outsourcing, including migration to cloud computing.

“In the Internet revolution era, business is becoming more and more dependent on IT services and uninterrupted access to data. At Capacity Europe, we want to demonstrate to international carriers that using Polish local infrastructure can be a viable and attractive solution for them as we offer modern facilities equipped with redundant systems that ensure a high level of security and reliability. From the perspective of international business, this not only assures the quality of services, but also offers measurable savings,” explains Justyna Lenart, Wholesales Department Director of Atman.

Atman constantly extends cooperation with international partners. At Thinx Internet exchange point owned by Atman, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and YouTube, among others, share their resources, and in Warsaw’s Atman colocation facilities, cloud services providers, such as the Italian Aruba Cloud, have located their infrastructures.

Atman data center campus is attractive for international companies due to its carrier neutrality, i.e. the freedom to choose the provider of the link to the colocated servers. In addition, Atman offers its clients global cloud connectors, providing them with easy and secure management of distributed IT architecture through direct communication of applications running, for example, on dedicated servers in a Warsaw DC with data stored in public clouds, such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

At Capacity Europe in London, Atman will also present its latest e-Bounding application that significantly facilitates the work of domestic and international partners. It enables them to check the availability of Atman network and services in a given location.

“Thanks to the cooperation with local operators, i.e. a constantly expanded network of partners, as a provider of the so-called last mile, we are present practically all over Poland. However, in London we want to emphasize our competitive offer of data center services, especially server colocation and dedicated servers lease, but also cloud computing and other IaaS services: Storage as a Service and Backup as a Service,” adds Justyna Lenart from Atman.

Over 2,500 managers, specialists and experts from the telecommunications industry registered for this year’s Capacity Europe – representatives of over 650 companies from 90 countries. Such carriers as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Verizon, Telefonica or Epsilon have announced their participation.