Flexible high-performance network architecture for dedicated servers

Product news

serwery dedykowaneFor the most demanding customers, we have developed a new network architecture for the Dedicated Servers service, which is characterized by increased efficiency and flexibility as well as a higher level of security. At the same time, we have introduced a new set of high‑performance servers that are designed for this architecture by default.

We have been expanding our server farm regularly for years due to the ever‑increasing demand for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Recently, we have launched another grid for dedicated servers. It is equipped with a network architecture that is tailored to the needs of customers who expect exceptional performance from the IT environment.

Our aim was firstly to meet the requirements for 100% availability. All elements of the new network architecture are redundant to ensure reliability and support for High Availability (HA).

Second, we wanted to give users much more freedom in how they use the network part of the Dedicated Server service, mainly by providing them with advanced tools, including:

  • Virtual Rack (vRack) – connecting servers, regardless of their location and number, to a virtual switch within the same VLAN
  • Private VLAN – connecting servers to work in a LAN regardless of their location; the public IP address can be transmitted dynamically within a subnetwork
  • Port aggregation – increased bandwidth and reliability of server access via Ethernet ports (1 or 10 Gbps) 
  • IP Fabric/VXLAN technology on which the new infrastructure is fully based
  • Q-in-Q support – security based on the tunneling technology used in Metro Ethernet (layer-2 VPN) 

Also, in view of the enormous potential of the new network architecture, we have expanded our range of instant-ready server configurations to include the Power Line, which uses powerful components:

Configuration Power 15 R Power 30 R
Intended use Configuration for large databases Configuration for virtualization
Processor 2 × Intel Xeon Silver 4215R (2 × 8‑core) 2 × Intel Xeon Gold 6230R (2 × 26‑core)
RAM 256 GB DDR4 512 GB DDR4
Drives 2 × NVMe 1600 GB (Mixed‑use) + 2 × SSD 800 GB (Mixed‑use) 2 × SSD 400 GB (Mixed‑use)
Platform 1U, 8 × 2.5″/ 2 × NVMe, HotSwap 2U, 12 × 3.5″/ 4 × NVMe, HotSwap
RAID Software RAID + VROC Hardware RAID + BBU
CPU benchmark 26714 59310


More than 3,000 machines work in our dedicated server farm. We offer 24/7 technical support and several high levels of SLA for maintenance. We guarantee a fast replacement of components or an entire server, e.g. by maintaining a well-stocked spare parts warehouse on site.

In Atman Data Centers, we offer an SLA of 99.999% for the availability of power supply, and the actual uptime in the last 10 years was 100%.

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