Intel Gold Partner status for Atman

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Recently, Atman has achieved the Gold level of the Intel® Partner Alliance program. The benefits obtained with it will be helpful in the continuous refinement of our services quality, customer service, and Atman Dedicated Servers offer.

The enchanced support provided to Gold Partners by Intel, the world’s largest processor manufacturer, consists primarily of:

  • Better SLA conditions
  • Access to software and development tools
  • Opportunity to test new products
  • Participation in partner events for the latest product information

The facilitated competence cultivation of Atman’s specialists in Intel’s products and wider access to its technology will certainly translate into even better service of customer requests. The in-depth knowledge of our engineers and equipping them with software tools, combined with the faster service support provided by Intel under a higher SLA, will help us solve our customers’ problems even more efficiently.

Early access to product developments and independent testing of Intel products just entering the market are no less important. We are constantly working on creating the best possible Dedicated Servers offer. We regularly track and analyze the market for customer needs and emerging technological innovations. Intel Gold Partner status will make it easier for us to create configurations and build machines with such parameters that Atman Dedicated Servers will always be able to meet the current expectations of customers and effectively support their business operations.