Internet during 29th WOSP Finale from Atman, as always

Updated 01.02.2021

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (Polish: Fundacja Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy – WOSP) appreciates the quality and reliability of services provided by Atman, unchanging for many years. Once again, WOSP entrusted us with providing the Internet in the studio of the finale and for the Foundation’s website.

Data from a good heartFor the 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we provide 6 optical fiber lines with a total capacity of 42 Gbps to handle the Internet traffic and the Orchestra’s auction system.

The studio of the 29th WOSP Finale

We have been providing technological support for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation under the slogan “Data from a good heart” for many years now. This year we are setting up 4 fibre-optic links to the studio of the finale on Defilad Square in Warsaw:

  • 2 × 10 Gbps fibre-optic links that guarantee stable Internet connectivity for the studio of 29th WOSP Finale, including live streaming
  • Additional 2 × 1 Gbps lines dedicated exclusively to handle the Most Generous Donors Auctions: accepting applications and presenting the auction progress on a current basis in the studio of the finale.

Also, we provide VoIP phone numbers for the Most Generous Donors Auctions, and a colocation rack near PKiN to install all the network equipment supporting the WOŚP studio.

The website

During each WOSP finale, the Foundation’s website is quite besieged by people following the progress of the fundraising, watching live the course of events not only in the studio, but also in reports from all over Poland and Europe. A huge number of simultaneous hits on the website can cause it to download slowly or even be temporarily unavailable. In order to secure the website against such undesirable effects of popularity, for the time of the 29th WOSP Finale we provide 2 × 10 Gbps dedicated fiber optic links that handle only the Foundation’s Internet server.

Besides, the performance of the WOSP website is scrupulously checked a few weeks before the peak period. This year, we provided the Foundation with as many as 4 dedicated servers, each equipped with an independent Internet connection of 1 Gbps, to carry out the load tests. This preparation of communications and equipment ensures that on January 31, 2021, the Foundation’s website will not disappoint Internet users.

The cause

The fundraising conducted during this year’s WOSP Finale is for the purchase of specialist equipment for paediatric ENT and otolaryngology wards – generally for head diagnostics. Every euro counts!