Linx Telecommunications Holding B.V.

Stock capital: EUR 131,056.71
Business: Advanced telecommunications services for European telecom carriers.
Management:  Heiko H. Koop — Chief Executive Officer

ATM S.A. is a shareholder (21.02% of the stock capital) of Linx Telecommunications Holding B.V., one of the most dynamically developing international connectivity and data center solutions provider in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has an extremely solid and competent management team, originating from leading ICT corporations. The company has systematically been completing its financial plans and expanding successfully in the region. Linxtelecom created a unique footprint with Points of Presence in The Netherlands, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and Poland. Alongside with state-of-the-art data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Warsaw, that the company owns and operates under the Linxdatacenter brand, it o provides seamless international broadband services and integrated solutions for their entire ICT infrastructure.