Building the Data Protection Center

Current report 37/2004 dated 29.10.2004

ATM S.A. has started to extend the Telecommunications Center ATMAN-Grochowska with the Data Protection Center. The new Center will be situated in direct neighborhood of the present Telecommunications Center. The real estate acquisition was financed with a long-term investment credit, and necessary repair and adaptation works will be completed using the Company’s own funds. The investments will amount in total to approx. PLN 4.5 million.
The Data Protection Center will provide services to customers looking for data centers which are adjusted to professional service of critical ICT resources, with a possibility to immediately restore major business processes.

The investment, because of the already signed agreements and the growing interest in such services, will enable to start generating additional revenues on that account as from the beginning of 2005. Thanks to that, the Management Board expect a very short payback period of the investment expenses.
The extension of the Telecommunications Center ATMAN-Grochowska with the Data Protection Center will broaden the Company’s portfolio as part of telecommunications outsourcing services.

Legal basis: Art. 81 par. 1 point 2 of the Public Securities Trading Law.


Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board,
Dariusz Kiełkowski — Proxy