Entering the market of medical services

Current report 25/2007 dated 24.05.2007

Today, ATM S.A. signed an agreement for starting up and providing services of the Teleradiological Archive System with Centrum Teleradiologii ENEL-MED sp. z o.o.

ENEL-MED is one of the largest private companies providing high-quality medical services, and a leader in providing modern radiological services in Poland.

The agreement signed is a commercial entry of ATM S.A. into the segment of ICT services for the medical market. In the agreement with ENEL-MED, ATM S.A. plays the role of a technological partner, building a complete ICT infrastructure for operating the teleradiological archive, and providing services of full outsourcing of that infrastructure. The services of ATM S.A. are provided based on author’s and innovative ICT solutions in that field.

ATM and ENEL-MED also signed a letter of intent specifying further intentions of the Parties with respect to starting close cooperation in providing teleradiological outsourcing services to other domestic and foreign entities.

The value of the agreements signed is not specified because of a close relationship between the level of revenues and the intensity of using the services by their recipients, but in the Management Board’s opinion that value does not exceed 10% of the Issuer’s shareholders’ equity.


Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board