Expanding the Łódź Special Economic Zone

Current report 69/2007 dated 14.11.2007

Today, ATM S.A. has received a message reading that the Council of Ministers has issued a Regulation on expanding the Łódź Special Economic Zone with the Warszawa Grochowska subzone, where ATM S.A. runs its operations.

The permit was granted at the initiative of ATM to create conditions favorable for an Innovation Centre based in Warsaw, which would gather companies that deal in modern ICT technologies in one place in Warsaw. The Centre could gather outstanding engineers and scientists developing new solutions in telecommunications and IT, to be applied at home and abroad.

The decision on expanding the Łódź Special Economic Zone opens a new, ambitious project implemented by ATM. Stage one shall be signing of an applicable agreement with a company that manages the Zone, and subsequently preparation and implementation of investments related to erecting new office buildings with necessary infrastructure and equipment to house innovative ICT companies. It is expected that the total expenditure for the erection of the Innovation Centre may come to as much as PLN 380 million over the forthcoming decade. The method of financing the Innovation Centre will be considered following signature of applicable agreements specifying the conditions of operation in the Zone. Revenue will be generated through ICT service of companies invited to do business in the Centre, and innovative business activities of ATM S.A. and its subsidiaries. For all companies that operate in the Zone, the vital issue shall be CIT exemptions, adequate to the capital expenditure made.

For more information on the undertaking please refer to the Company web site.


Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board