Current report 05/2008 dated 20.01.2008

Estimated consolidated results for 2007

The Management Board of ATM S.A. announces that based on currently available information, it is estimated that the consolidated results of ATM S.A. achieved in 2007 are as follows:

Sales revenue PLN 260,655 thousand
Profit on sales PLN 22,622 thousand
Operating profit PLN 22,557 thousand
Gross profit PLN 24,920 thousand
Net profit PLN 20,021 thousand

The estimated net profit is 17% higher than the 2007 forecast included in the issue prospectus dated 06/29/2007, decreased by the profit on sale of mPay S.A. shares (PLN 20 million gross, PLN 16.2 million net) which was not effected in 2007 as we informed in the current report no. 76/2007.

We also wish to inform that the above data is of an estimation basis, and exact figures shall be given in the quarterly report to be published on 02/25/2008.