Agreement conclusion by the subsidiary mPay S.A. with P4 sp. z o.o.

Current report 08/2008 dated 29.01.2008

On January 29, 2008, a cooperation agreement between mPay S.A., a company of the ATM S.A. capital group and P4 sp. z o.o., the Play mobile telephone network operator, was concluded.

The subject matter of the agreement is launch of the mobile payment service in the mPay system for Play network users. The mobile payment service implementation by mPay will make it possible for Play network users to make payments for goods and services acquired using their mobile phones.

Play is another mobile phone network operating in the Polish market in which the mobile payment service offered by mPay SA is implemented. Since September 2007, mobile payments in the mPay SA system have been introduced by Polkomtel SA for Plus GSM network users.