Registering a subsidiary, Centrum Innowacji ATM sp. z o.o.

Current report 09/2008 dated 26.03.2008

ATM S.A. Management Board in Warsaw announced that today the Company, according to the decision of the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, took up all shares in the newly established company named Centrum Innowacji ATM sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw. The share capital of the newly established company amounts to PLN 50,000. ATM S.A. took over 1000 shares with the face value of 50 PLN each, worth 50,000 PLN in total, which constitutes 100% of shares in the company’s initial capital.

Shares were acquired from own resources of the Issuer. Centrum Innowacji ATM sp. z o.o. shares entitle to 100% of votes at the company’s meeting of shareholders. Centrum Innowacji ATM sp. z o.o. is an entity connected to the Issuer through the shares taken up by the Issuer in terms of capital ties, and through management board members that manage the Issuer, in terms of personal ties. Investment in company shares is a long-term capital investment of the Issuer.

The financial assets are estimated as having considerable value on the basis of the shares acquired. Their total value exceeds 20% of the new company’s initial capital.

Centrum Innowacji ATM sp. z o.o. was established with a view to the intended commencement of activity of ATM S.A. in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, Warsaw subzone, Grochowska complex. To make it reality, there is a need to assign this part of ATM S.A. operations, which is to be run solely in the Zone. The company was established to enable taking legal and formal steps to sign applicable agreements with the entity managing the Special Economic Zone to be able to run business in the Zone.