Subsidiary share capital registration

Current report 07/2009 dated 12.02.2009

The Management Board of ATM S.A. informs that today the Company has received a copy of the decision of the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, with regard registering on 2 February, 2009 an increase in the share capital of the Issuer’s subsidiary, mPay S.A.

The new amount of mPay S.A. share capital amounts to 14,100,000 and it is divided into 28,200,000 ordinary bearer shares with a par value of PLN 0.50 each. Following the registration of the change in the share capital, the total number of votes carried by all the issued shares equals to 28,200,000.

Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board