Current report 09/2009 dated 24.03.2009

Organizational changes in ATM S.A.

The Management Board of ATM S.A. informs that today a decision has been made to launch a process leading to significant changes in the Company’s operations.

In the near future, the operations of the currently inactive company, CI ATM sp. z o.o., will be launched (this company is 100% owned by ATM). The company will change its name to ATM Systemy Informatyczne sp. z o.o. (ATM SI). Its purpose will be to take over operations currently handled by the Integration Service Department (Pion Usług Integracyjnych — PUI) at ATM S.A. It is planned that the Management Board of the newly launched company will include the current director of the Integration Service Department, Mariusz Zabielski, and the current director of the Integration Technical Support Department, Tomasz Dziubiński.

The purpose of taking over the current tasks and activities of the Integration Service Department by ATM SI is to continue the department’s efforts aimed at establishing its independence and enabling it to conduct its commercial operations as a separate entity. Such a change — in the opinion of the Management Board — is necessary and beneficial for the ATM Group. The change is designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business operations involving integration services, as well as other operations kept in ATM S.A., involving mainly telecommunications services provided under the ATMAN brand. This goal will be achieved by streamlining costs in accordance with each company’s characteristics and focusing the companies on a dedicated, well-defined area of operations. ATM S.A. will retain all the assets related to telecommunications services, being the result of long-term investments in developing fiber optic networks, a national broadband network, and data centers. The Management Board believes that the changes planned are particularly critical in the period of an economic downturn to increase the competitive advantage of the products and services offered by ATM.

An additional, yet crucial, effect of dividing ATM S.A. operations between two companies will be better cooperation with business partners and a stronger position in relation to many key customers. Separating the operations of ATM SI will enable this company to better cooperate with telecommunications operators, which so far have, understandably, seen parts of ATM S.A. operations as competitive activities.

Finally, the separation of ATM SI will produce a transparent business structure of both companies, whose operations would be easier to analyze and evaluate, which should — as we are expecting — go down well with investors and potential business partners. The Management Board welcomes the possibility of tighter cooperation (including investments cooperation) of ATM S.A. (telecom operator) and ATM SI (system integrator) with other ATM Group companies of a similar profile, as well as other companies in the industry.

Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board