Current report 13/2009 dated 08.05.2009

Repurchase of treasury shares

Legal basis: Art. 56 (1) (2) of the Offer Act — day-to-day and periodic disclosures

The Management Board of ATM S.A., Warsaw, hereby informs that Beskidzki Dom Maklerski S.A. notified the Company today of a transfer of 16,160 shares in ATM S.A. from brokerage accounts defined by the employees of ATM S.A. to the brokerage account held by the Company on 24th and 27th of April 2009 as a result of brokerage processing of the Incentive Scheme for ATM S.A. Group personnel provided by BDM S.A. The repurchase of treasury shares resulted from ATM S.A. executing its right to repurchase its shares resulting from the expiration of the employees’ right to acquire shares.

The average unit price per share amounted to PLN 0.95. The total par value amounted to PLN 15,352. The package purchased accounts for 0.045% of the share capital and gives right to place 16,160 votes (0.045%) at the General Assembly.

Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board