Agreements concluded by a company from the ATM Capital Group with a financial institution

Current report 07/2012 dated 08.02.2012

Legal basis: Article 56 section 1 item 2 of the Act on public offering — current and periodic information

The Management Board of ATM S.A. reports that in 2011, ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A., a subsidiary of ATM S.A., concluded agreements with BRE Bank S.A., the total value of which meets the criteria of a major agreement in reference to ATM S.A. These included agreements on granting a bank overdraft, an agreement on granting bank warranties, an agreement on a limit for derivative transactions and an investment loan agreement. The total value of maximum limits specified in these agreements is PLN 34 million.

The agreement with the highest value is the agreement concluded on 14 June 2011 on bank overdraft for an amount of up to PLN 15 million, granted for a period from 14 June 2011 until 30 May 2012, with interest rate at the level of floating WIBOR rate for overnight deposits plus the Bank’s margin. Funds under the granted overdraft limit will be used to repay liabilities resulting from previous bank overdrafts in BRE Bank S.A. from 2007 and 2010, ad well as to finance the company’s current operations.

The collateral for repayment of ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A.’s debt due to bank overdraft is contractual mortgage for real property owned by the company and a blank promissory note. The subject agreement does not provide for contractual penalties. Its remaining terms and conditions do not deviate from terms and conditions applied by banks to agreements of this type.

Since the total amount of limits in the agreements concluded between ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. and BRE Bank S.A. is PLN 34 million, they meet the criterion of a major agreement since their total amount exceeds 10% of ATM S.A.’s equity.

Roman Szwed — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board