Signing an annex to the significant agreement

Current report 61/2012 dated 14.12.2012

Legal basis: Article 56 (1) (2) of the Act on Public Offering — current and periodic information

The Management Board of ATM S.A. announces that today it concluded an annex to the significant agreement on constructing and equipping the F3 server building as part of the ATM IC project. The Issuer informed about signing the significant agreement in the current report No. 25/2010. The agreement was deemed significant because its value exceeded 10% of the Issuer’s equity.

The concluded annex changes the contract value from the original amount of PLN 35,247,055.88 to PLN 36,263,123.03 net, as well as modifies the work schedule of the Contractor, i.e. ATM Systemy Informatyczne S.A. (formerly KLK S.A.), setting 15 December 2013 as the deadline for performance of the agreement.

Maciej Krzyżanowski — President of the Management Board,
Tadeusz Czichon — Vice-President of the Management Board