New data rooms and DC physical protection enhancement

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Overview of last year’s changes and plans for 2021 in the area, power supply and physical safety of Atman’s colocation facilities

In 2020, we have adapted 6 new server rooms, also called data rooms, with a total technical area of over 800 sq m.

In the Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 at Konstruktorska Street we used the last free space left at the first floor for a data room (it is already reserved for tenants) and started adapting a part of the ground floor, as we announced last autumn.

Currently, we are continuing the adaptation work intensively – at the end of Q2 this year, we will be commissioning 2 new data rooms at Atman Data Center Warsaw-2.

About this time, the construction of the new colocation building F6 in Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 at Grochowska Street is also to be completed.  We will proceed to equip the first data rooms promptly.  This facility will have 6 rooms × 240 sq m, which makes a total of 1,440 sq m of technical space.

A data center is more than just a colocation space, so we take care about other data center matters as well.

For example, we expand the emergency power system every year. In 2020, we installed 4 power generators with a total capacity of nearly 8 MW in our data centers.  It is worth noting that the said building F6 will have its own N+1 generator only for the use of the server rooms located in it (as well as a water treatment system for air conditioning with a 24-hour water buffer).

In addition, the project of additional strengthening of the physical security at Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 was launched in 2020.

  • We have completed the first stage of implementation of the peripheral protection system based on infrared sensors. Stage two will be completed this year.
  • We have started modernizing the external surveillance system (CCTV), and gradually replace existing devices with IP-enabled cameras. We have also increased the number of rotating cameras.
  • We’ve changed the radio communications system used by the data center operations team and the security personnel.

The security and high availability of data center services require not only regular maintenance, including regular system audits. Continuous analysis of processes and needs and development of infrastructure and security are also necessary.

Warsaw’s Atman Data Centers are the only ones in Europe to comply with the Data Centre Operations Standard, with level-4 EPI-DCOS certificates. The areas that were audited and certified in 2019 include Facilities Management and Monitoring/Reporting/Control (alongside Data Center Operations and Service Level Management) – and we received the highest rating possible.