Private connections to global clouds now from PLN 500 monthly

Product news

Atman has lowered the Cloud Connect prices for connections to global cloud regions in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. In addition, it has introduced the option of testing the service for a month before closing a long-time contract.

Now you can connect your company to global cloud regions located in Warsaw, Frankfurt or Amsterdam at very affordable prices. Monthly fees for the Atman Cloud Connect services start as low as PLN 500 net for fixed-term contracts. The reduction in prices applies to the bandwidth our customers ask for the most, i.e. within the range of 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Another novelty is the option of testing Atman Cloud Connect. Before deciding on a long-term contract, you can try the service out for 30 days by paying a one-time subscription fee, without any further obligations. The test option is available for connections to the Warsaw, Frankfurt and Amsterdam cloud regions.

What is Atman Cloud Connect?

Atman Cloud Connect is a service highly resembling AWS Direct Connect or Microsoft Azure Express Route. It gives you dedicated access to resources of the largest global providers of public clouds – Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce – in a cloud region of your choice anywhere in the world.

With Atman Cloud Connect, we provide you with a secure and stable data transmission connection: completely isolated from the Internet, with guaranteed performance and SLA. It allows our customers to increase efficiency and security in distributed hybrid architectures or multicloud solutions.

Our service is distinguished by flexibility with regard to the location of the customer’s infrastructure that is connected to the global cloud. Thus, it is not necessary for you to use  colocation, Atman Cloud or dedicated servers in Atman Data Centers. As the other connection end, you can designate the server room at your company’s headquarters, or your IT resources located in any data center in Poland. Then the Atman Cloud Connect service is delivered to that location via our domestic fiber-optic network. 

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