Rules of access to colocation due to COVID-19

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Our priority during the COVID-19 epidemic is to maintain the integrity and continuity of operation of all ATM S.A. services, in particular those supporting critical infrastructure for the functioning of key state institutions and the most sensitive sectors of the economy.

We have not observed any threats to the continuation of services yet, but we treat the health of our employees and clients, their subcontractors and our co-workers with the utmost respect and care. Therefore, and in accordance with the recommendations of the public administration, we introduce operational regulations regarding visits to our colocation facilities.

Currently, the most urgent need is to minimize the movement of people in our data centers and thus reduce the exposure of the people responsible for maintaining business continuity. Therefore, we only allow visits related to critical work. In case of such visits, it will be necessary to strictly follow the new rules contained in the document: Methods of working and staying on the campus during the COVID-19 epidemic, attached to this notice.

In order to reduce to an absolute minimum the number of people visiting Atman Data Centers, please use the support of our on-site technical services in the form of the remote hands service. We are therefore significantly expanding the scope of this service to enable you to carry out critical work remotely. During this time, the remote hands service will be provided free of charge. At the same time, we ask you to limit your orders only to those necessary. Otherwise, the handling time may be extended, and payment will be restored.

In the case of visits to perform the key work to maintain your infrastructure, it is necessary to notify each visit, limit the number of people arriving to our facilities, and reduce the time spent there to a minimum.

We are currently focusing on supporting the key needs of our clients, which is why we suspend reference and audit visits to ATM S.A. colocation facilities for an indefinite period of time, and we also close the social rooms and conference rooms that have been available to date.

We would like to assure you that – despite the restrictions imposed – all Atman Data Centers and their services are now fully active. We are monitoring the successively implemented recommendations of the local and national authorities as well as industry regulations. We make all decisions carefully maintaining business continuity in this unusual situation and thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Should we need to introduce other guidelines and procedures, we will keep you updated.

The most up-to-date information can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department via e-mail: [email protected] or telephone: +48 22 515 68 00.

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