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VoIP service

Modern voice services tailored to the needs of your company.
The VoIP service is a comprehensive solution for smaller and larger companies. The public telecommunications network is accessed on the basis of any internet connection or dedicated connection, ensuring security, reliability and high quality of connections.

Atman SIP Trunk

Atman SIP Trunk is a service in the VoIP technology that allows you to make all phone calls in the company via the IP network. Without the need to replace the equipment, you save on the maintenance of numbers and costs of calls and, if necessary, you may increase the number of simultaneous connections.

Atman Virtual Switchboard

Atman Virtual Switchboard offers access to advanced functions of the subscriber telephone switchboard without the need to purchase the device, and so you avoid the costs of equipment, service and support of external companies. The switchboard is managed via an online access panel.

Atman eFax

The Atman eFax (FAX2WEB, WEB2FAX) service is an online fax that fully replaces the traditional device. It allows both sending and receiving documents in PDF. The users of eFax receive a simple and intuitive panel to manage the service. This solution reduces operating costs (including device maintenance). Through the online access panel, you can view the received document from anywhere, archive it, forward it by e-mail and decide whether to give it the paper form.

What you gain with our VOIP services

  • Short time of service delivery
  • Ease of modifications – adding numbers, increasing or decreasing the number of simultaneous connections
  • Reduction of costs
  • Possibility of allocation of the numbering from the pool of Atman or the one transferred from another operator
  • Possibility of using the numbering from multiple numbering zones in one place
  • Free calls within the company
  • Ease of configuration – access via an online access panel
  • Easy migration in case of moving
  • Optimization of the use of telecommunications infrastructure through the integration of services
  • Detailed call billing available in the online access panel
  • Barring selected call fractions

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