Successful revalidation of the DCOS certificates

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DCOS-4 stampAt the beginning of June 2022 we went through the second surveillance audit of Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS) certification. Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 and Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 are the only facilities in Europe that hold EPI-DCOS certificates for now.

EPI – the creator of the standard and the auditor – maintained the DCOS certification at level-4 that our data centers had achieved in 2019. The 4th level of maturity is the highest one possible to get if not all 11 domains defined in the standard are certified.

Here is an excerpt from the executive summary of the DCOS Audit Conformity Report. It confirms our DCs’ compliance with the requirements of the certificated domains:

  • Service Level Management (DCOS-4)
    Timely reviews take place, documents are updates where applicable. Vendors are well-managed.
  • Facilities Maintenance (DCOS-4)
    Maintenance agreements are up-to-date, continuous maintenance is performed supported with a relevant maintenance schedule. Service reports demonstrate no concerns. Staff is trained.
  • Data Centre Operations (DCOS-4)
    Changes are well management and change records are detailed. Permit to Work has been updated and forms are complete. Where Atman performs equipment installations/decommissioning as per the remote hand service, records are detailed and complete.
  • Monitoring / Reporting / Control (DCOS-4)
    Monitoring points are reviewed and proactive verification of sensor readings is performed.

Data Centre Operations Standard

As the only standard in the world, EPI-DCOS addresses comprehensively and in detail all issues that are relevant for the proper and efficient operation of a data center. The DCOS recommendations help to create and then implement maintenance and operational procedures that are tailored to the operator’s facility. The certification requires the operator to document following the procedures and periodically review the to ensure their adequacy.

The aim of the procedures codification is the smooth operation of the data center, as it helps to tighten the processes of DC management and prepare it for almost all circumstances. In addition, it standardizes all operations performed in the data center, minimizing the risk of human error.

In a DCOS-certified data center, the services are correctly defined, maintain a consistent level of quality and high availability.

Check out the new DCOS certificates for the Atman Data Centers in Warsaw.