The managed IT services market with a 9 percent increase

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9.3 percent – this is how much the value of the managed services market is to grow by 2023 – according to the analysis of the consulting firm – MarketsandMarkets. Atman wants to take advantage of the business climate by introducing packages of IT resources care services.

Analysts from the consulting firm, MarketsandMarkets, predict that the value of the managed services market will grow from 180 billion dollars in 2018 to 282 billion dollars in 2023. This is mainly owed to the increase in the importance of technology for business development. Analysts also point out that companies are still greatly reluctant to share sensitive data, which means that instead of full outsourcing, they prefer to buy external care services for specific IT areas.

The shortage of IT specialists – which in Europe may soon reach even 900,000 people – is also an important aspect. In Poland alone, 50,000 IT specialists are still needed. “Finding the right candidate does not mean the end of problems. The costs of maintaining your own team of IT specialists are constantly growing and they are a burden to corporate budgets. No wonder that managed IT services are gaining popularity worldwide,” explains Robert Mikołajski from Atman.

The provider wants to use it by offering clients a transfer to Atman of the responsibility for maintaining IT systems operational and ensuring their safety. The three packages of managed IT services introduced differ in the level of work progress and the time of support allocated to service work or consultancy.

Digitization support from Atman

Atman’s managed IT services allow the business to entrust the full care of the IT systems to experienced, external experts. A company no longer needs to invest in its own large IT team. Thus, it saves time, money and focuses on the development of its proper business. Atman experts guarantee, among others, taking over the duties of monitoring, updating, managing change, testing and analyzing, migrating, installing and configuring corporate IT systems.

“Depending on the type of technologies and solutions used, these activities may include, among others, such layers in the IT stack as bare metal, virtual environment, operating systems, databases, applications, backup. Appropriate actions can be taken both for resources located in Atman data centers, as well as for those located in the server room of the client,” notes Robert Mikołajski from Atman.

Atman’s managed IT services are provided on the basis of a framework agreement which determines the time when the responsibility for the client’s IT environment is taken over and the scope of administrative activities agreed with the client. Its advantage is flexibility both in terms of the implementation of independent work and modification of the scope of maintenance.

“Having analyzed clients’ inquiries, Atman developed three packages with the most commonly selected ranges of IT resources care, diversified in terms of spectrum of work and support time allocated to service work, consultancy, etc. If clients are interested in works that go beyond the standard packages: Mini, Full and Premium, we will prepare a customized offer for them,” underlines Robert Mikołajski.

Innovation and knowledge for lease

IT solutions offered in the service model, however, are not only to relieve internal IT teams and support current tools and systems. Through Managed IT Services, the client also has absolute freedom to choose technologies for projects and services. Thus, the client is no longer dependent on the company’s internal competences. This is important because – according to AppDirect’s report – over 24 percent of companies indicate the absence of appropriate technological competence as the main obstacle in the process of digital transformation. This problem is also confirmed by Gartner’s research. Analysts have shown that up to 80 percent of global employees do not have adequate competences so that companies can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest technologies.

“Managed IT services are often the key to get out of this competence deadlock and help implement innovative solutions. At Atman – as part of our offer – we use the help of professional partners so that our clients may have wide access to the latest technologies,” comments Robert Mikołajski. “Our experts advise on how to increase system performance, reduce costs and improve safety. Business gains not only professional support, but also the comfort of operation resulting from the awareness that a team of specialized engineers verifies IT systems, their vulnerability and availability of updates on a regular basis,” adds Mikołajski.

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