Thinx IX development boosts the number of 100G ports

Company news
The increasingly compelling content at the Thinx Internet exchange point is forcing its members to expand ports

The demand of Internet users for the content available at our exchange point is shooting up, so many Thinx members decide to expand their ports to 10, 40G – some even to 100G. Currently there are 12 companies using 100 Gbps capacity ports at Thinx IX, and it is worth noting that some members do not limit themselves to having just one, e.g. Netflix uses 2 × 100G. The record holder is about to launch its fourth „100”, but we can’t reveal its name; overall, there are as many as 21 new 100G ports in the pipeline at Thinx.

This would not be possible without the constant work of developing our IX. In 2020, we retrofitted its infrastructure in order to be able to provide our customers with more n× 100G ports, and we expanded the Thinx IX backbone in several important sections.

The most spectacular change was the capacity doubling of the key Thinx link between nodes in Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 at Konstruktorska Street and LIM at Aleje Jerozolimskie Street. We finished the work in December – just a few days before the release of the famous game CyberPunk 2077. The 400 Gbps bandwidth achieved by this upgrade immediately proved very useful, as traffic on this route reached 312 Gbps at the time of the game release.

Overall, from July to the end of 2020 we’ve seen a more than 50 percent increase in Thinx traffic. Companies such as Vectra, Allegro, Evio, Toya, Greener, TVP and P4 (Play), among others, have increased their participation in Thinx IX by adding resources or expanding ports. 

In 2021, we continue to develop the Thinx IX backbone primarily to increase redundancy and 100G ports availability. Our goal is to further increase security, and provide our customers with even greater service availability, even though we already offer high SLAs for Thinx IX services. Also, we are working intensively to bring more providers of interesting content into the fold.